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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 26th, 2011 with Ralph Hopper

For our final program of 2011 we listen to a few compositions inspired by Asian and Pacific Rim instruments and sounds.
Jeffrey Mettlewsky - Cache 2005 - CEC Canadian
Sound sources include the Gamelan Saron Demung and acoustic guitar.
Work in Progress
I Wayan Sadra - New music for Gamelan - LMJ - LMJ
Featuring the Gamelan Lipur Sih plus bamboo flutes, tuned aluminum tubes and voice.
Monkey King
Barry Schrader - Monkey King - Innova
East Wind
Barry Truax - Pacific Rim - Cambridge St. Canadian
Peter Hannan is featured on alto and tenor recorder in East Wind.
Bird of the Capital
Marc Battier - Asian Pieces - self