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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 19th, 2011 with Ralph Hopper
Jeu de Temps/Times Play 2011 winning works

Jeu de temps/Times Play [JTTP] is an annual competition for young and emerging composers in the field of electroacoustic muisc. It has been held each year since 2000 by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community [CEC] and each year the 5 winning works are presented with awards including being included on the Cache series of CDs. This year there was a tie for first place so there are 6 winning works and the CD will be issued in 2012. Acoustic Frontiers is pleased to present all 6 winning works on today's program. For more information about these works, the competition and the CEC you can go to ''
Maxime Corbeil-Perron - JTTP 2001 - CEC Canadian New
Marc-Andre Perron - JTTP 2011 - CEC Canadian New
Cancion de Otraparte [Chanson d'ailleurs]
David Arango Valencia - JTTP 2011 - CEC Canadian New
Jullian Hoff - JTTP 2011 - CEC Canadian New
Guillaume Barrette - JTTP 2011 - CEC Canadian New
Niege cendre
Guillaume Campion - JTTP 2011 - CEC Canadian New