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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday January 9th, 2012 with Ralph Hopper

In Between
CJC [Connor Curran] - By the New Time - Silverdoor
the dark woods
Caoimhe Dunn - By the New Time - Silverdoor
Ian Stewart - - CEC Canadian
Isthmus [movement 3]
Adam Stansbie - - CEC
What the Little Girl Hears
Diego Garro - Cultures electroniques 18/2005 Canadian
Invisible Chords
Roderik De Man - Cultures electroniques 18/2005
Below the Walls of Jericho
Paul Dolden - Cultures electroniques 5/1990
Weeping Birds
Julien Stein - - CEC Canadian
Teenage Aliens joy riding in a stolen space craft
Steve Godin - - CEC Canadian
Face A Claques
Jean Routhier - Presence - CEC Canadian