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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday May 2nd, 2016 with Ralph Hopper
Elizabeth Hoffman, Georges Forget, Sangbong Nam, Charles Nichols, Daniel Blinkhorn, Ake Parmerud, Maxime Barthelemy

Three works on today's program from vol 1 'Electronic Masters' issued by Ablaze records. Also a work from the Metamorphoses 2014 competition and lots of other great sounds as well.
Elizabeth Hoffman - Interieurs harmoniques - IMED
Orages d’acier
Georges Forget - Le dernier present - IMED
Sangbong Nam - Electronic Masters vol 1 - Ablaze
Charles Nichols - Electronic Masters vol 1 - Ablaze
Daniel Blinkhorn - Electronic Masters vol 1 - Ablaze
Dreaming in Darkness
Ake Parmerud - Necropolis - IMED
Bleu, Blanche, rouges
Maxime Barthelemy - Metamorphoses 2014
Interactive CKCU