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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday May 9th, 2016 with Ralph Hopper
Arthur Gottschalk, George Kouvaras, Joel Lavoie, Felipe Otondo, Yves Beaupre, Jullian Hoff, Dimitris Savva

We return to both the Electronic Masters vol 1 and Metamorphoses 2014 CDs today along with a number of works by other composers that are sure to keep you wondering...
Arthur Gottschalk - Electronic Masters vol 1 - Ablaze
After 360
George Kouvaras - Electronic Masters vol 1 - Ablaze
Bleu 01
Joel Lavoie - Absolument - Kohlenstoff Canadian
Night Study 2
Felipe Otondo - Soundcloud
Yves Beaupre - Humeur de facteur - IMED Canadian
Jullian Hoff - self Canadian
Balloon Theories
Dimitris Savva - Metamorphoses 2014
Interactive CKCU