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Thursday Special Blend - Geek On
Thursday February 6th, 2014 with Kiernan Mac
Geek On! Are Video Game Achievements An Addictive Substance?

The expansion of virtual video game media, demonstrative of the last “console generation”, has revolutionized the experience of virtual entertainment and our experiences of virtual competition and challenge. Instead of completing a game “for fun”, video gamers now predominantly play games in the pursuit of acquiring virtual rewards (or “Achievements”) that reward the player for accomplishing certain objectives and tasks within the virtual world. While some of these virtual achievements are indeed challenging and fun to pursue, others are incredibly easy or infuriatingly hard to gain. Moreover, some people spend untold hours and capital pursuing these rewards. Are video game achievements an addiction? Some would argue yes, others no. Today, however, on Geek On! myself, Kiernan Mac, along with returning guest host Zachary Laflamme, will be discussing whether video game achievements could be considered legal addictive substances. Has gamer culture been typified by the universal need to out-rank and out-score, achievement wise? Do virtual achievements add to the experience of virtual media, or do they rather detract from it? What do you call a superfluous and redundant achievement? Achievement Unlocked: Reach the end of the radio show description. And get ready to find out, only on Geek On!
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