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Indie City Madness
Monday May 3rd, 2021 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 383: Flutters

This week on the show, we continue to air new music coming out of Ottawa-Gatineau, including recent releases from Album, Amnita, Eazy Finesse, Chantale Trottier, Geneviève et Alain and more. Check it out!
Eazy Finesse - Single Canadian New
chosen blood
Dryad Rose - chosen blood Canadian New
It's A Box Social!
StereoMike - Sunshine & Stratocasters Vol​.​1 Canadian New
Sister Amaru - I'm Not Really Suicidal! Canadian New
Tmorr & Pithra - Flutters​/​Sawyer Canadian New
Rêves sonores - Crépuscule Canadian New
Hommage à M. Cusson Pour H. Hoek
Album - Album Canadian New
Take It Home
Amnita - Fevers Canadian New
A Little Distance
Brad Sucks - A Little Distance Canadian New
down dog​!​
MRBD - down dog​!​! Canadian New
Better Bad Decisions
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind - Single Canadian New
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Chantale Trottier - Single Canadian New
À travers mes yeux
Geneviève et Alain - J’attends Canadian New
Wolfgrove - Single Canadian New
Avalon - Voice Of Life Canadian
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