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Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Funding Drive Show pt. 2

This is the second "Funding Drive" show for 2015. We will present the second half of our documentary Parastou's journey to Independence." We will also play more local favourites and STRONGLY encourage our audience to 'dial and donate' or 'click and donate' to keep WTMW AND CKCU on the air for another year--and beyond!!!
There are no tracks in this playlist.
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
We would like to thank all of you who have already contributed to this year's funding drive efforts--it is much appreciated. If you would like to contribute, please call 613-520-3920, 1-877-520-3920 or visit to make a secure pledge.

9:30 PM, November 2nd, 2015
Mike Mercer
Hi Kum & Shelley My online $10 donation from Seadrift Texas!:)

9:11 AM, November 3rd, 2015
Mike Mercer
I mean Kim not Kum sorry about that!:)

9:13 AM, November 3rd, 2015
This show must go on. Have just made our donation.

9:14 AM, November 3rd, 2015
Mike Mercer
I hope I see you both at the 40th Anniversary for CKCU a week this Saturday the 14th because I'm leaving Seadrift on Monday & arriving up in Ottawa by Thursday we are driving up & it takes us 3 days to get there so we would be staying at 3 motels someplace!:)

9:37 AM, November 3rd, 2015
Missed the show this morning but will catch it online soon! Don't want to miss it!

10:10 AM, November 3rd, 2015
Shelley Ann Morris
Thank you everyone for your donations they are so much appreciated

4:55 PM, November 3rd, 2015
Got caught up on the show this afternoon. So glad that the donations are coming in! I loved the music selection from Etienne!

2:47 PM, November 5th, 2015