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Welcome To My World
Tuesday October 27th, 2015 with Kim Kilpatrick and Shelley Ann Morris
Funding Drive Show #1

It's Funding Drive Time Again!!! This week, Kim and Shelley Ann present part 1 of a documentary My Independent Life--Parastou talks about song big changes that have happened recently. Remember--dial and donate or click and donate! 613-520-3920 or Keep WTMW and CKCU on the air as we head toward our
What You Do With What You've Got
Susie Burke and David Surette - Sometimes In The Evening Canadian
We Are Receiving
Sills and Smith - ? Canadian New
This show included selections from a documentary we made as part of our Radio Camp for people with low vision (first aired on Aug 4 2015). The documentary featured a story about Parastou's journey to independence.
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris (host)
520-3920, 520-3920, 520-3920, 520-3920.

12:35 PM, October 26th, 2015
Mike Mercer
And Shelley online at to donate like I have just now from Seadrift Texas $10!:)

9:12 AM, October 27th, 2015
Mike Mercer
Yes In a Mellow Tone started in 1976 Reggae in the Fields started in 1977 Black & Blues started in 1978 & Canadian Spaces started in 1980!:)

9:54 AM, October 27th, 2015
Frank Smith
Thanks for playing We Are Receiving on the show this morning Shelley and Kim!

9:59 AM, October 27th, 2015
You two are great fund-raisers.Channeling your inner Jerry Lewis once again! Good luck with funding drive!

10:01 AM, October 27th, 2015
Shelley Ann Morris
Wow, Mike really knows his CKCU history. Great to have such good listeners. Thank you so much for the donation! Happy to play Sills and Smith anytime!!!

12:00 PM, October 27th, 2015