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Monday Special Blend
Monday January 30th, 2023 with Colin & Emily
MSB Presents: January Jams! Early Mornings w/ Colin and Emily

It's the final edition of January Jams on MSB! Brave the cold with Colin and Emily and roll out of bed to the sound of some fresh new tunes, many of which have been sourced from local artists!
Dancing Through the Telephone
The Axidents - What Took You So Long
Stella Brown
Jelani Aryeh - Stella Brown
We're All a Little Burned Out
Ashy Crowned Sparrow Larks - Pollution Canadian
I Still Love You
Alexandrian - I Still Love You Canadian
Peach Luffe - Shimmer EP Canadian
Andy Shauf - Norm Canadian New
Catch Your Eye
Andy Shauf - Norm Canadian New
Tin Constellations - A Cosmonaut's Lament Canadian New
Black Perch
Sun Kil Moon - Single New
Anna Mieke - Theatre New
Never Go Far
The Dawdler - Single New
Lullaby for the End of Time
Cassie Norton - Cassie Norton demo Canadian
Gave Up The Dream
Apollo Ghosts - Gave Up The Dream Canadian
Panic Attack
Rococode - Panic Attack Canadian
City of Angels
Ava Maria Safai - We've Got Issues Canadian
The Party
Aliocha - Naked Canadian
Holding Pattern
Jonathan Quach - SMILE FOR THE CAMERA Canadian New
Simon Lachance - Single Canadian New
Loon Choir - Single Canadian New
I Need Ya
Somebody's Child - Single New
In This Park
Cassie Norton - Cassie Norton demo Canadian
Cassie Norton - Cassie Norton demo Canadian
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