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Monday Special Blend
Monday February 22nd, 2010 with Dean Verger

Machines and Gods
Kevin Cardamore - Steel Strings Canadian
Missing me
Yonder Hill - Yonder Hill Canadian
Alyssa Wright - Dark Waters Canadian
Laura Bird - The water in between Canadian
Next year in jerusalem
David Berger - Oliver's Arrival Canadian
Kathryn Briggs - small awakenings Canadian
Millie's Old House Cafe
John Hanson - It's a sin to tell a lie Canadian
Shyaan Am!
Kira Van Deusen - Mountain Journey Canadian
Closer to the ocean
Tanglefoot - The music in the wood Canadian
Big Sky
Ian Tamblyn - Magnetic North Canadian
Tearin' up the tundra
Tufts, Terry - Two nights solo Canadian
I wander in Egypt
Del Vezeau - paradigm Canadian