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Monday Special Blend
Monday December 7th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
Art and Auctions and Local Music on The Monday Special Blend!

An interview with Local Artist Gillian King and Commercial Curator of the OAG’s Galerie Annexe, Stephanie Germano! The Give to Get Art Auction is happening virtually this year, and we yik yakked all about it! You’ll also hear tracks from Sweet Roger, Michael Feuerstack, Céleste Lévis, Radmore, Freddy Printz, Lonelyboyxxo, Cashtro Crosby, Bucko Art Machine, Orchidae, Dodo Bank$, The Commotions, Walking with Crows, Canabyss Corpse, Kayla Anka & Max Webster!
Water Me Down
Max Webster - Mutiny up my Sleeve Canadian
Said and Done
Radmore - 3 Rad Tunes Canadian New
Radmore - 3 Rad Tunes Canadian New

Independent original music

Apt 613 #ottmusic weekly playlist:
More Radmore here:
Get it on My Own
Dodo Bank$ - s/t Canadian New
Jerry Rice
Dodo Bank$ - s/t Canadian New

Upcoming Artist| Capcity 613 #WeWavey

More Dodo here:
Bucko Art Machine - Mood Ring, Vol. 2 Canadian New

Bio (From Apt613):
Before the pandemic, Bucko (Chris Binkowski) was a busker. He would perform in public spaces or at events, creating audio-visual performances powered by his wheelchair. He also does large-scale geometric paintings, abstract yet deeply symbolic digital art, and has been active on a new project with other artists, under the name Bucko Art Machine. His latest work is a track on the Mood Ring Vol. 2 compilation, which was released on November 27 by Debaser.

Bucko has been active not just as an artist, but as a strong voice for accessibility and public health in Ottawa. Since 2015 he’s been involved with Stop Gap Ottawa, and spends his summers volunteering on the Accessibility Team at Ottawa Bluesfest and CityFolk. In the early days of the pandemic, Bucko became vocal about the risks of the pandemic for those who are vulnerable and was active in raising awareness on the importance of following public health guidelines. As someone who lives with less than 10 per cent lung function, he’s well aware of the risks of COVID-19. Although he’s moved away from acrylic painting in favour of digital media, poetry has crept into Bucko’s work through the titles of his works, along with collaborations like Bucko Art Machine, where he works with other artists. For Bucko, connection is the driving force behind creating art.

More Bucko here:
Apt 613 Article:
Debaser - Mood Ring Vol II -



Give to Get Art, OAG’s Virtual Art Auction:

Featuring more than 55 works by artists from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, GIVE TO GET ART: Virtual Art Auction is the OAG's signature fundraiser of the year. Artworks in this exhibition will be available for purchase the week of December 12 to 18. Access to the auction starts with a $35 bidding ticket in support of regional art, artists and OAG exhibitions and programming. The artists who generously donated their artwork to this auction will receive 50% of the sale proceeds.

More info:

About Gillian King:

Gillian King is a painter, educator, and art therapy candidate. She holds an MFA from the University of Ottawa and is the winner of the 2019 Espronceda Centre for the Arts and Culture Prize, the 2017 RBC Emerging Artist Award, and the 2017 Nancy Petry Award. King has shown in galleries nationally and internationally and her work has been featured in Border Crossings Magazine, Canadian Art, Create! Magazine, and on CBC.

More info on Gillian and her work:

About Stephanie Germano and Galerie Annexe:

Stephanie Germano is the Commercial Curator of Galerie Annexe, a space within OAG that celebrates the vitality of the arts and cultural sector in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. It promotes artists working within this area through the rental, sale, and exhibition of their work.

More info on Galarie Annexe:
Love (bedroom version)
Orchidae - Mood Ring, Vol. 2 Canadian New

Yolande Laroche (of Pony Girl and mal/aimé) reflects on identity, life and death in her debut solo project. Soft, hypnotic melodies and mantras intertwine with minimal yet meaningful, at-times psychedelic orchestration.

More Orchidae here:
Debaser - Mood Ring Vol II -
New Suit
The Commotions - s/t Canadian New
Trooper Strut
The Commotions - s/t Canadian

Take a blazing horn section, throw down some bombastic drums, pepper in piano and guitar, then stir in vocals shifting from sweet to soulful to sultry quicker than you can hop onto the dance floor. And you will hop onto the dance floor because that’s a recipe for groove making. It’s ingredients for crowd shaking. It sizzles. It pops. It jumps. It jives. It’s The Commotions and the taste is soulicious!

They’ve brought the funky groove to festivals, television and two smokin’ studio albums, ready to drop a blazing hot third release in 2021. If The Commotions are spinning on your sound system or hitting a stage near you, that bygone beat is moving to the forefront of your feet and a party is about to erupt. You can bank on it!

More Commotions here:
Night Flights
Max Webster - A Million Vacations Canadian
I Used to Be a Singer
Michael Feuerstack - Harmonize the Moon Canadian New
Where are you Now?
Michael Feuerstack - Natural Weather Canadian New

Michael Feuerstack has been releasing music in all sorts of incarnations—most notably as himself and his former alias, Snailhouse—for nearly three decades. A prolific musician and producer, he’s collaborated on stage and in studio with artists such as Land of Talk, Julie Doiron, Wooden Stars, Bell Orchestre, The Luyas, and Camille Delean.

More Michael here:
Apt 613 #ottmusic weekly playlist:
Freddy Printz ft. Lonelyboyxxo - s/t Canadian New
Chicken Grease
Freddy Printz ft. Cashtro Crosby - s/t Canadian

Bridging the gap between art & sound

More Freddy here:
Minuit chrétien
Céleste Lévis - Noël tout autour Canadian New
I Wonder
Céleste Lévis - Noël tout autour Canadian New

Céleste Lévis a grandi à Timmins en Ontario. La musique fait son arrivée plus tard dans sa vie, suite à de graves problèmes de santé qui obligent la jeune fille à arrêter toute activité sportive. Dans les moments les plus sombres, la musique lui offre une deuxième vie.

Céleste a sorti son premier album «CÉLESTE», en 2015. Depuis, elle poursuit son ascension en accumulant les spectacles avec sa tournée à travers le Canada. Autres jalons marquants pour l’auteure-compositrice-interprète: assurer la première partie des spectacles de Francis Cabrel au Québec en 2016, une nomination au Gala de l’ADISQ pour album adulte-contemporain de l’année, sans compter 5 autres nominations au Gala Trille Or 2017 et une nomination pour l’album de l’année par une artiste francophone au NOMFA. En septembre dernier, Céleste a participé aux ateliers d’écriture à Astaffort, FR, animé par nul autre que Francis Cabrel.

More Céleste here:
Apt 613 #ottmusic weekly playlist:
Pay Me
Sweet Roger - s/t Canadian New

It’s been years now that Sweet Roger gave up a teaching position at a local college and took up a job shucking oysters in Old Montreal and playing gigs wherever they could be found around town. The work, the struggle, and the dark hours gave ample inspiration for songs that truly tell stories of love and loss. Picking up some momentum after releasing his debut and building an audience, Sweet Roger now returns with new material that has even more provocation and edge, an audible swagger that is both scrappy and sympathetic.

More Sweet Rogers Here:
Canabyss Corpse ft. Kayla Anka - s/t Canadian New
Page Turner
Canabyss Corpse - s/t Canadian New

A two headed monster, born in the dusty heat of a summer mosh pit and left to grow in the basements and hot boxed garages of Canadiana. Together they formed a symbiotic entity, hellbent on bringing lyricism and originality back to the forefront of music. Their mission: art for art’s sake, to distill their creative energies and influences down to a pure raw and unrelenting hip hop experience. Drawing from a vast and diverse melting pot of artistic and musical influences they defy genre stereotypes and tropes, making music that dares the listeners to not only think outside the box, but to do away with the box altogether. If you think Hip hop is dead, these guys just might be it’s reanimated corpse. And they certainly aren’t resting in peace.

More Canabyss here:
One More For The Road
Walking With Crows - Arden Moon Canadian New
Statues of Yourself
Walking With Crows - Arden Moon Canadian New

Johnny McConnell(Ireland)Songwriter/Vocalist/Guitarist
Steve Thompson(Ottawa/Drummer/Percussion (Mondo Generator, Quivertwist, Psyphon, The Liquid Edge, The Monozon Collective)
Chris Morris (Brockville), Guitar

More Crows here:
My Secret identity
Jumpin' Joel Flash - s/t Canadian New

I committed to can-con covers in 2020! And that includes Can-con TV....

Check it out!
Interactive CKCU
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self promo should be shameless! (to work!) You the Best Flash! Thanks for the work...great idea for other Mighty Hosts...hmm? oui, non...

8:47 AM, December 7th, 2020
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