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Monday Special Blend
Monday November 16th, 2020 with Jumpin' Joel Flash
Mints & Roses & Unsociably High! Also, a Local Music Bonanza!

An interview with Unsociably High! This jazzy/soul-y Ottawa Duo is back with new music and tales of travel cut short by COVID! Then an interview with Composer/Musician/Actor Zoe Towne! We yik yakked all about her FIRST EVER EP and the wonderful world of Ouija Sharks. ALSO NON STOP CANUCK MUSIC from, HemlockHotel, Danah Lee, Monkey Rock Music, TwoTiime, Casa Lagarto, Junkyard Symphony, Ian Keteku & Phil Motion, Monkey Rock Music, Rebel Wheel and Max Webster!
On the Road
Max Webster - High Class in Borrowed Shoes Canadian
Casa Lagarto - s/t Canadian New
Lights Out
Casa Lagarto - Shed It Canadian

Casa Lagarto is a groovy, mirage-rock outfit from Ottawa who try to create a hazy musical abyss for desert dwelling creatures and other members of the animal kingdom not invited onto the ark.

More Casa here:
Apt613 #ottmusic playlist:
Reckless Love
Danah Lee - These Are a Few of My Favourite Hymns Canadian New
As the Deer
Danah Lee - These Are a Few of My Favourite Hymns Canadian New

Danah-Lee is an Ottawa Valley singer songwriter and music educator. For the last decade, Danah has been teaching many musical minds, young and old. And still, she makes time for her own creative works.

More Danah-Lee here:
What's New
Unsociably High - s/t Canadian
Body Blush
Unsociably High - s/t Canadian New
NEW LOCAL MUSIC AND AN INTERVIEW with Unsociably High! This jazzy/soul-y Ottawa Duo is back with new music and tales of travel cut short by COVID!

Unsociably High is a Canadian duo from Ottawa, Ontario. Their sounds of smooth soul will take you from laying in the grass on a sunny day to sitting alone in a dark room contemplating life. Seasoned with sparkling vocals, funk progressions, and loop stations, Unsociably High presents a new wave of melodies that reduce the speed of heart beats.

They have performed in a variety of bars, cafes, and music venues in Ottawa, such as Art House Cafe, Avant Garde, and Live on Elgin. In February 2020, Unsociably High performed nude for a sold out life and death drawing anniversary at Arlington Five Cafe. Unsociably High is set to release a full production album on March 5th, 2021 which will be available on iTunes and Spotify.

More UH here:
The Rebel Wheel - s/t Canadian New
Control Freak
The Rebel Wheel - Filth Therapy Canadian

Steeped in dark cinematic soundscapes and *complex, turn-on-a-dime arrangements, The Rebel Wheel features a frenetic mix of rock aggression, complex compositions and unpredictable odd-meter vamps. Originally formed in 1991 as a fusion-based midi ensemble, the floating lineup has gradually focused on a modern, more performance-oriented, genre-blending Prog.

More Rebel Wheel here:
Bigger Issues
TwoTiime - s/t Canadian New
TwoTiime - s/t Canadian New

While in Highschool, Ottawa Ontario rapper TwoTiime found the motivation to start up his passion for music by writing lyrics. His first release “Trippin” was posted to Youtube for fun and received 3,000 views from friends and family supporters. ... Look for TwoTiime to be the next big thing in 2020.

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Shifter writeup here:
Bowl of Soup
Zoe Towne - Mint & Roses EP Canadian New
Mint & Roses
Zoe Towne - Mint & Roses EP Canadian New
NEW LOCAL MUSIC AND AN INTERVIEW with local actor/singer/songwriter/cake maker Zoe Towne! We yik yakked all about her FIRST EVER EP and the wonderful world of Ouija Sharks.

Zoe Towne is a local Ottawa musician and actress of stage and screen. In addition to her self-titled solo project, she sings in two bands; Jumpin' Joel Flash and the Magic Machine, and Valois. Since she already knew how to bake, she has spent the majority of the pandemic learning French, talking to her pet rabbit, and becoming overly attached to her plants.

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Choosing You
HemlockHotel - HemlockHotel Canadian New
Secret Way
HemlockHotel - HemlockHotel Canadian New

With past lives in R&B, jazz, franco-rock, country and progressive rock, the members of the band have been performing and recording since the 1990s.

Working at the same multistorey office complex, the guys were introduced by a common friend when asked to play for a lunch time charity event. The connection was so good they soon after decided to form a band.

In creating their sound, HemlockHotel weave folk, rock and country music together. Their audiences often describe them as having an Americana feel, but with Canadian roots. The band performs a mix of original and cover music in a live performance.

More Hemlock here:
Love Junk
Junkyard Symphony - Music for a Better Planet Canadian
The Whale Song
Junkyard Symphony - Music for a Better Planet Canadian

Junkyard Symphony is an eco-entertainment company (eco standing for ecological and economical), that reuses junk to service all kinds of events for all ages. What do they do with all this junk? They do many things with junk but are best known for their amazing junk/percussion/comedy/circus shows. They also produce imaginative and innovative sports and games by reusing junk materials, have created several CD's using junk for instruments, and are presently working on a children's novel with a junk theme. Junkyard Symphony strives to promote environmental health and awareness through educational and extraordinary entertainment by reusing old ordinary objects that would otherwise be sadly destined for the junkyard. But to Junkyard Symphony, however, these objects are terrific treasures that can be reused for an even greater purpose.... creating lots of big smiles. In the show, the performers are the conductors while the audience is the symphony so be prepared for a radical ride of rapid rhythms, awesome antics, clownish comedy, terrific tricks, magnificent magic, tons of talent, and plenty of participation!

More Junk here:
Apt613 Interview:
El Muro
Phil Motion - s/t Canadian New
Do the Rob Ford!
Ian Keteku & Phil Motion - s/t Canadian

Music, motorcyles and jiu-jitsu.

More Phil here:
Wake Up
Monkey Rock Music - s/t Canadian

Monkey Rock Music is Playing Marvest 2020!
Wed, Nov.18 on Youtube
Marvest Schedule:
Youtube Playlist:

We don’t teach children to play music; we teach children to love music. It’s a fun, entertaining and creative participatory music program for young children and their adult caregivers. Grab the kids and pack the living room for a fun, dance-a-long concert with Monkey Rock Music. Sing along to the fun, entertaining and interactive sounds that will get your whole family rocking out to this fun-filled jam. Monkey Rock Music is ready to rock!

More Monkeys here:
Interactive CKCU
Tuned in Flash! gonna be a great show! Thanks!

7:07 AM, November 16th, 2020
gl encore
I was right...its a grest show! "Chasin ' away the Pandamn!

7:47 AM, November 16th, 2020
Joel Elliott (host)
yesssss thanks Glenn!

12:21 PM, November 16th, 2020