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Monday Special Blend
Monday April 27th, 2020 with Trish Bolechowsky & Joel Elliott
Podcast Brew #3

Voice of Truth
The Lionyls - Pocket Canadian
The Lionyls - Pocket Canadian

They were supposed to be playing the Rainbow on May 1!
An interview with Jamie Kwong, the new Executive Director of The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC)!

About Jamie Kwong:
Jamie is a community organizer, connector, and communications adviser. She has over 10 years of experience leading non-profit organizations, as the former Executive Director of both the Quartier Vanier Business Improvement Area and the Orleans Chamber of commerce. She has a strong track-record for results, working collaboratively, providing advocacy, and organizing community events in support of raising awareness on the issues ranging from gender-based violence to supporting independent businesses and the local economy in Ottawa. She holds a Master’s degree in criminology from the University of Ottawa and believes in the importance of prevention by creating the conditions that build healthy communities. She recently joined the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa. She is excited in her new role as the Executive Director of the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC). She and her dog Char-Li Bucket are often exploring the city's parks and neighbourhoods, together.

About OMIC
The ottawa music industry coalition (OMIC) is dedicated to making ottawa a great place to play music, work in the music industry, and be a music fan.

We are a member-based non-profit organization that works to grow the local music industry for the benefit of our members and the city as a whole. We are committed to bringing together artists, music businesses, venues, festivals and local businesses together to work towards common goals.

We do this through:
Engaging in advocacy and research on behalf of the local music industry
Supporting the growth and development of our artists, entrepreneurs and music professionals
Building industry networks within and outside of Ottawa
Shining a spotlight on, and building new audiences for, Ottawa music

Twitter and instagram:
Million Pieces
Amanda Lowe - Birthmarks and Collarbones Canadian
Amanda Lowe - Birthmarks and Collarbones Canadian

Amanda played both #MusicTogether AND #CanadaPerforms! Woweezowee!
Lead the Way
Jacquie Neville - s/t Canadian
Be Mine
Jacquie Neville - s/t Canadian

Part of #CanadaPerforms with the NAC
Friday, May 1, 2020
8:00 pm
The Night George Harrison Died
Ben Cooper - Integrity Canadian

He’s livestreaming sundays from his home in Orleans!
Six Feet Apart
Heather Mae & Crys Matthews - s/t Canadian New

Released March 21, 2020

‘Six Feet Apart’ written and performed by Heather Mae and Crys Matthews.

Heather Mae

Crys Matthews
Rory Taillon - s/t Canadian New

released April 25, 2020
©2020 Rory Taillon All Rights Reserved
Written and performed by Rory Taillon
Produced by Theo Posthumus, Dean Watson and Rory Taillon
Recorded by Dean Watson at The Workshop
Mixed by Dean Watson
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab
Artwork by Jack11
Recorded under the influence of 5 Paddles Brewing Co.
Additional instrumentation: Julie Taillon on piano
House and Home
Kae Shelby - Music and Motorcycles Canadian
From the Album, Music and Motorcycles
Kae Shelby
Released Sept. 10, 2019
Empty Streets of Florence / Nelle Strade Deserte di Firenze
Andy White - s/t New

From Belfast singer-songwriter Andy White,
"This song was recorded March and April 2020 by Andy and the band swapping files from lockdown in Italy and Melbourne.

Dedicated to Max La Rocca from Casa Del Popolo Il Progresso in Florence—who wrote and asked me for something to support the club during lockdown—and my friends all over Italy, where it has been such a privilege and such fun to tour over years. Especially to the music community in Correggio, where I found a home, including the musicians who played on this track. Max, Lele, Filippo, Elisa. Grazie. Special shout out to Vito and Betty Bottalico, Gianni Campovecci, Vittorio La Pietra and their wonderful families"
Ken Yates - Quiet Talkers Canadian New

London, Ontario's Ken Yates

From the album "Quiet Talkers" available May 22
Rich in Time
Jack Pine and The Fire - s/t Canadian New
Released April 24, 2020

From Jack Pine:
"I wrote #RichInTime when I felt poor and financially insecure.
When I questioned if making music, chasing my dreams, and doing what I love was really worth it.
I wrote it as a reminder to myself that I have all the time in the world to do what I love, and that has as much value as collecting a predictable pay cheque after completing a predictable day of work.
I wrote it as ato anyone who ever said, thought, felt "why don't you just get a job??" to anyone.
And I wrote it because I figured I'm not the only one that ever wonders about the other side of the coin.
We live(d) in a gig economy - people work hard for not a lot of money.
And now half of the entire world is experiencing financial anxiety. Tides are shifting and the future is uncertain.
But I still don't want to work a 9to5...I'd rather be RICH IN TIME...wouldn't you?
All that being said, it's a pretty lighthearted song when it comes down to it - poking at millennials and boomers and entrepreneurs and slackers alike.
It's a Millennial Slacker-Folk Anthem and I hope you dig it a lot!"
Something I Should Know
Ellen Froese and Campbell Woods - Farm Boy Sings the Blues Canadian New

Released April 26, 2022

This album was recorded at Sunnyside Dairy Farm outside of Saskatoon, SK in the summer of 2019.
Language Arts - s/t Canadian New

Released April 23, 2020

In the words of Alex Cook of The East Mag
"The new video from Language Arts is only about the most loveable video you’ll see all year. Kristen Cudmore, the art-pop classical guitarist founder and front-person tells the story of how she met and welcomed her rescue dog, the titular “Sprout”, home."

In the Words of Cudmore:

"“It took years, because getting hit by a drunk driver turned my body into a lemon,” says Cudmore, with a nod to the album’s title. “I tried so hard not to let that get me down, so I made the flavor of the music like a fresh splash of lime!”"

"“During this time, having a dog is so special. Sprout is one that brought a world of love into my life. We celebrate our 10 years together this year and she’s seen me through the highs and lows, as a pet, companion and support,” says Kristen, “So I wrote her a song years ago.”

“During this time, having a dog is so special. Sprout is one that brought a world of love into my life. We celebrate our 10 years together this year and she’s seen me through the highs and lows, as a pet, companion and support,” says Kristen, “So I wrote her a song years ago.”"

"10 Facts About Sprout:
1- She was found abandoned in a foreclosed home in the US, during the recession.
2- She's married to a dog named Fiddle.
3- She's a trained Service-Dog.
4- We met 10 years ago. The agency forgot me and accidentally adopted her to someone else, who then later didn't want her.
5- She loves tomatoes and once pooped in the garden and tomatoes began to grow everywhere!
6- She doesn't bark often, but she makes a sound between a sneeze and a huff.
7- She comes on tour and wears noise-cancelling ear protectors and a light-up collar.
8- She doesn't drool or shed.
9- She knows how to roll down the car window herself and does when she wants to stick her head out.
10- She has a song that is coming on on Friday, April 24th"
Interactive CKCU