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Monday Special Blend
Monday September 23rd, 2019 with Trish Bolechowsky & Joel Elliott
After 8 am news, a chat with Mathieu Fleury, Ottawa City Councillor of Rideau-Vanier Ward, about rental accommodations in Ottawa. New music from Sultans of String, Lindsay Ferguson, Jamie Anderson, Glass Armour, Sarah Jane Scouten, Lucas Haneman Express,

The Brew Theme Song
Maxim Banjoman Cossette - s/t Canadian
I Am A Refugee - featuring Ifrah Mansour
Sultans of String - s/t Canadian New

Sultans of String welcome Somali artist Ifrah Mansour with open arms in their new single and video I Am A Refugee.

The gorgeous and heart-gripping collaboration with the esteemed poet, multimedia artist, and refugee is part of the Juno-nominated world music collective’s ambitious seventh album Refuge. Set for release in spring 2020, the historic album spotlights talents that have come to Canada and the U.S. as immigrants and refugees.

“Each one of us in the world has a remarkable story to tell,” says Sultans of String co-founder and violinist Chris McKhool. “We are excited to share the beauty of these collaborations that feature special guests from First Nations, Turkey, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Greece, Syria, Mexico, Portugal, Cuba, and Sudan.

“This is a project that is centred around the positive contributions of refugees and new immigrants,” offers McKhool, whose own grandfather who stowed away on a Lebanese ship bound for North America a century ago. “We are bringing in special guests that are newcomers to this land, as well as global talents that have been ambassadors for peace. We wish to celebrate the successes of those who make the journey here, and bring their extraordinary talents with them. We hope the kinds of conversations we can have as musicians can provide a model for peace that our politicians and citizens find inspiration from.”

For her part, Mansour’s tireless work and advocacy complement the mission. “I wrote the poem for me, for my community, and for those yearning for change or to deepen their empathy,” she says. “I wrote it because I was so frustrated with so many people sending me emails, and asking what I thought about (the United States) travel ban. A lot of times, those that are surviving are busy surviving… It is very hard for them to voice their pain. Those that have an ounce of empathy, and that have experienced something similar, have that responsibility to share. Writing the poem was a way to unleash some pain that I could name finally.”

Lindsay Ferguson - s/t Canadian New

"Siren" was weaved out of a stream of consciousness, with hopes to unite us all. Written in the rooftop of a two hundred year old farmhouse in Switzerland, the video was recorded in the rooftop of an equally as old house (now an ale house saloon) along the banks of the Gatineau River in Wakefield, Quebec. Written within a half an hour using only two guitar chords, this message is loud and clear. We all simply must do better for the planet and in turn, ourselves. Let the haunting SIREN in the chorus take you away and the rhythmic hip-hop meets folk verses bring you back again.
Karma Cafe
Jamie Anderson - The Truth Appears Canadian

Jamie Anderson, who lives here in Ottawa, will be our live music guest on September 30th at Spaceman Music
Glass Armour - s/t Canadian New
After last week’s series of cryptic messages and artwork posts, I'm excited to finally share with you a project I've been working on "in secret" for some time now. Glass Armour is a duo comprised of myself and Dean Watson, who recorded all of my cello cover videos, past releases from The Visit and Musk Ox, and my forthcoming solo album, among many other projects.

Over the past decade, Dean and I have worked together on my music and on string recording sessions for countless clients, but more recently, we've begun collaborating together on new material of our own.

"Wishful" is the first of these explorations; it features hammered dulcimer, cellos, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, and synths performed by myself and recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, and programming by Dean. We were also very fortunate to have an absolutely entrancing animated video made for the song by Costin Chioreanu (Opeth, Soen, Leprous, among many, many others). There’s a lot to unpack in this video, so it’s definitely worth watching a few times to catch all the details and nuances.

If you want to support us you can stream and purchase “Wishful” here:

You Are The Medicine
Sarah Jane Scouten - s/t - Light Organ Records Canadian New

Released on: 2019-09-13
Ice Cream
Jamie Anderson - The Truth Appears Canadian
Ms. McGrim
Lucas Haneman Express - Catch The Westbound Canadian New

Published Sept. 13, 2019

Official music video for "Ms. McGrim" from the critically acclaimed 2019 Lucas Haneman Express album "Catch The Westbound".
(Top 5 status on the "Roots Music Report: Top 50 Canada Album Chart" in 2019)!
Braden Gates - Some More Songs Canadian New

If you're into music that expresses real and raw emotion through every chord, word, and chorus - listening to My Friend The Moon will give you that feeling of release and sense of understanding. A storyteller through song, he likes to focus on real events and feelings that some folks go through or feel in their lives such as; heartbreak, loss, depression, addiction, sexual tension, and friendship, to name a few topics. To create a composition with a backstory such as the ones stated, he uses his own experiences or puts himself in the mindset of another souls struggle to feel what they could feel at that time.

Playing this Saturday!

Neekoe- Single Release & Launch Party
w/ KAIJA + My Friend the Moon
Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 8 PM
The Lone Star Loft - 1211 Lemieux Street
Laser Beam
Quote the Raven - Golden Hour Canadian

To listen to Newfoundland folk pop duo Quote The Raven’s anthemic debut album Golden Hour is to attempt something presumptuous. Upon early introductions to the self-titled opener and the haunting yet cinematic “Laser Beam”, one might presume in ignorance that the pair of Jordan Coaker and Kirsten Rodden-Clarke has been crafting smooth and melodic folk since diapers and play-dough transitioned to startup acoustics and walkmen. This is a duo firing far beyond their artistic age, one whose complexities and depth are only complemented by their effortless syncing of styles and personalities.

Playing Thursday!

Quote The Raven w/ Jessica Pearson & the East Wind & Mosely!
Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 8 PM
Live! on Elgin - 220 Elgin St.
The Chocolate Hot Pockets - The Feast Canadian


The Chocolate Hot Pockets are a four-piece groove band based out of Ottawa whose irresistible rhythmic pulse has made them a live favourite. Specializing in original music and reinterpretations of fatback funk, jazz, and neo soul, they're unlike anything else you've heard.

Don’t be fooled by their playful aesthetic or far out song titles like “Dirty Pillows” or “Hugs are Great” : these four musicians are some of Ottawa's heaviest young talents, with each member regularly plying his trade in dozens of other acclaimed projects. When they get together The Chocolate Hot Pockets are guaranteed to be on their nastiest behavior, which is a luscious treat for anyone lucky enough to hear them do their thing.

Playing this Friday!!!

The Lionyls II Album Release
w/ After Funk & Chocolate Hot Pockets
Friday, September 27, 2019 at 9 PM
Babylon Nightclub - 317 Bank Street
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
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