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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 19th, 2017 with Trish Bolechowsky and Matthew Armitage
A chat with Alberta who plays The Rainbow Bistro on the 20th, a chat with Julie Corrigan who celebrates the one year anniversary of Girls to the Front Monday, music from The Barrel Boys, The Dusty Drifters, Mike McKenna Jr., The Hardware Girls, Sparkelsau

Early On
The Barrel Boys - Early On Canadian
Skillet Good N' Greasy
The Barrel Boys - s/t Canadian New
Long Journey Home (Two Dollar Bill)
The Dusty Drifters - The Dusty Drifters Canadian New

Published on Jun 8, 2017
2017 Performance by bluegrass band The Dusty Drifters taken from an episode of Ear To The Ground, Rogers TV

June 22 to July 2nd
A festival pass is $199 and there are so many great shows!!
Mike McKenna Jr. - Pacific Northwest Bound Canadian New
Pacific Northwest Bound
Mike McKenna Jr. - Pacific Northwest Bound Canadian New
Hardware Girls - Dance Up The Power Canadian New
No Lux
Sparklesaurus - Perennials Canadian
Tuesday Night at Pressed Cafe, Sparklesaurus, Dead Soft, Blessed, Mushy Gushy. Music at 8, 8$
Sunlight Creatures
Alberta - So Says Wynona Canadian
at 7:40 we chat with Dave Boone. He performs under the name Alberta (his great grandma's name).
He was born in Detroit, spent his mid 20's in Chicago, and recently moved to Seattle.
He'll be touring through Ottawa as one of two dates in Canada, promoting his latest record, So Says Wynona.
Playing at the The Rainbow Bistro on Tuesday, June 20th.
Get A Little Burn'n Done
Alberta - So Says Wynona
Shoot Me
Alberta - So Says Wynona
Born To Die
Old Time Honey - Born To Die Canadian

Old Time Honey, (from Montreal) is at House of Targ on Thursday with Old Man Grant (Ottawa) and JORDAN & WATTS
A Swing / Jazz guitar duo Kyle Jordan and Dylan Watts from the Ottawa Valley. Playing jazz standards and originals.
The Language
Julie Corrigan - The Language Canadian

Monday, June 19th is the one year anniversay of Girls to the Front, the popular monthly songwriters series which features three women playing in the round.
This month it's Jillian Kerr, Brea Lawrenson and Julie Corrigan.
Guts and God
Brea Lawrenson - s/t Canadian New
Published on Jun 14, 2017
Written by D. Vincent Williams and Brea Lawrenson.
Video directed by Brandon Craggs. Lynchburg, Published on Jan 23, 2016
Bet Smith - s/t Canadian New

Tightropes was written by Bet Smith and is performed by Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers, (Andrew Currie, Rob Currie and Sarah Girdwood) with help from James Sevazlian and Ian Hansen.
The song was produced and engineered by Rob Currie. It was recorded at our friend, James Sevazlian's place on Lake Joseph in Muskoka.
All of the reverb you hear is natural, created using the cathedral ceiling and expansive empty basement at the Lake Joseph cottage.
For more from Bet Smith & The Currie Brothers, check out For more from Rob Currie,
Jillian Kerr - Downtown Canadian New
You Seem Like A Nice Girl
Simon Beach - Four Tracks Vol. 1 Canadian New

Released June 2, 2017
Written, performed, recorded and produced by Simon Beach at 3318 Studios
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Howdy yal!:}

8:25 AM, June 19th, 2017