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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 27th, 2016 with Trish Bolechowsky
Music from Ben Caplan, Brandi Carlile, Digging Roots, Mandee Woods, Bottle Hearts, The Beck Sisters, Trombone Shorty

'Till The End
The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band - s/t Canadian
Birds With Broken Wings
Ben Caplan - Birds With Broken Wings Canadian
Deliver Me
Ben Caplan - Birds With Broken Wings Canadian
40 Days & 40 Nights
Ben Caplan - Birds With Broken Wings - 3:40 Canadian
Ben Caplan at Jazz Fest
Monday June 27 @ 7:30pm, Tartan Homes Stage - $50

Ben Caplan - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Taryn Kawaja - Keys, Vocals, Melodica
Jamie Kronick - Drums
The Eye
Brandi Carlile - The Firewatcher's Daughter - 3:48

Saturday, July 9th at Bluesfest
Wherever Your Heart Is
Brandi Carlile - The Firewatcher's Daughter - 3.56
I've Got it Bad
Digging Roots - For The Light Canadian music tab

Tuesday June 28 @ 7:30pm, - $40
Hwy 17
Digging Roots - For The Light
Mandee Woods - Transformations - 4:20 Canadian

Mandee Woods at Second Sunday
1:00 PM on Sunday Jul. 10th
Maison Baguettes, 381 Montreal Rd. Ottawa ON

Mandee released her first EP, Transformations, in November 2014. Based in Cornwall she performs live in many locations in Eastern Ontario. Her music is sincere and her voice is warm and easy sounding.

Catch Mandee at the cafe in a solo acoustic show featuring her original music plus a few covers. Enjoy a tasty lunch or bakery goodie while you're at it.
How Do You Know
Mandee Woods - Transformations Canadian
Salt of the Earth
Bottle Hearts - Sleep Under The Lights Canadian
July 7th at 8 pm at Pressed Cafe, $10 at the door

A sassy urban folk group based in Ottawa. The trio, Deb Landry, Allain Lalonde and D’Arcy McGuire, are known for their peppery shows bursting with soulful harmonizing and enduring beats, which are the essential ingredients inside these Bottle Hearts.

Come out and enjoy this show. It will be their last in a long while, and quite possibly their final show as a band. Come out and celebrate all the wonderful original music they have created together while you still can.

It’s hard to beat the harmonic intuition of sisters. Amy & Rachel Beck began singing together around the family piano in Montague, PEI. They now share their pop-tinged folk with audiences across Canada and beyond. The Beck sisters are celebrating the release of their multi award-nominated sophomore album, Run, produced by fellow Islander Tim Chaisson. A full listing of their Eastern Canadian Summer Tour dates can be found on their website (
Bottle Hearts - Sleep Under The Lights Canadian
The Beck Sisters - Run Canadian
At First Glance
The Beck Sisters - Run Canadian
Beg, Borrow or Steal
LeMeow - York St. Canadian New
Along The Way
Ali McCormick - Clean Water Canadian New
Girls to the Front
Monday, July 18th at Irene's Pub, 885 Banks st.
8 pm start, pass the hat

Ali McCormick, Kristine St. Pierre and Julie Corrigan in the round
Fire and Brimstone
Trombone Shorty - .

Monday June 27 @ 8:30pm, Main Stage Confederation Park - $50
The Movie Guys

Mike O'Keefe and Josh Bateman talk movies!
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Hey Trish & Ka how ya doin? & the $64,0000 question is do you miss Canada AM on CTV? for Me that was My favorite show of all used to watch it while was I living in Ottawa & it was the best morning show ever in Canada but I'm sorry to see it go after almost now 45 years? WOW!

7:35 AM, June 27th, 2016
Trish Murray (host)
Hey Mike - thank for joining us! Yeah, it's hard to see Canada AM go. So many changes. CKCU is still here for you :)

8:28 AM, June 27th, 2016