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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 6th, 2016 with Trish and Ka
Chat with As Waters, Julie Corrigan live in the studio, chat with Tommy Emmanuel, plus music from Piper Hayes, Kelly Sloan, The Young Novelists

'Til the End
The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band - s/t Canadian
As Waters Engulf Us We Reach for a Star
As Waters - As Waters - 5:57 Canadian New

At 7:15 am we speak with As Waters

as waters
Sat, Jun 11 @ 9:00 PM
AVANT GARDE BAR, 135(&1/2) Besserer St, Ottawa
Also on the bill are Piper Hayes and Ricocheted

Tristan Avakian, aka As Waters, self-titled debut album
widely known as a musical theater/rock guitarist (including Rock of Ages, Hedwig, Book of Mormon, Queen Extravaganza, Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Quidam’ and most recently, the award-winning Kinky Boots; 2015/2016 Mirvish production

‘As Waters’ is the artist name and self-titled, modern folk/orchestral pop debut album by New York City-born, Toronto-based guitarist, singer, songwriter also known as Tristan Avakian – released on May 18, 2016.
Dame Atlantis
As Waters - As Waters - 3:39 Canadian New
Lost In The Pack
Hayesland - Ain't Nothin' Like​.​.​. - 2:32 Canadian
Love Song
Hayesland - Ain't Nothin' Like​.​.​. Canadian
My Love
Julie Corrigan - The Language - in MT Canadian

Julie Corrigan joins us in the studio. She is hosting "Girls to the Front" at Irene's Pub on Monday, June 6th at 8 pm. The artists this month are Kelly Sloan and Birdie White singing in the round with Julie Corrigan
Can't Take My Man
Julie Corrigan - The Language - in MT Canadian
Kelly Sloan - Big Deal - in MT Canadian New
Your Only Ride
Kelly Sloan - Big Deal - in MT Canadian New
The Bug
Tommy Emmanuel - It's Never Too Late - 1:49

At 8:15 am we speak with Tommy Emmanuel

Its Never Too Late - first solo studio album since 2000

Tommy performs at the Casino de Lac Leamy on Tuesday, June 7th at 8 pm
Tickets are $58.40 plus Ticketmaster charges. There are a few seats left!

Chet Atkins - Windy and Warm The Bug Warm and Windy One Day
Windy and Warm (John D Loudermilk)
Tommy Emmanuel - . - 2:30
One Day
Tommy Emmanuel - It's Never Too Late - 3:37
Come Back to Me
The Young Novelists - Made Us Strangers - 2:58

Friday, June 10th at The Black Sheep Inn, tickets are $12

Full Band show!
Family Band Tour part 2 after 38 days, 28 shows, 7 states, and 5 provinces they are on the road again!
The Movie Guys
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