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Monday Special Blend
Monday December 21st, 2015 with Trish and Ka
Daemon & Ayrdri play live in the studio

Program 83 Whiskey Fields with s/gs Ryan Tansely and James Siwanowicz (BLUEGRASS) 8 PM on Saturday Dec. 26th, Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St Country Swing Night....if you're looking for a swingin' break between Christmas and New Year's Eve The Telegrams will be at Irene's on Dec. 28th. Western swing and honky tonk! JOHN CARROLL Live at the Acoustic Grill ALBUM RELEASE @ THE BLACKSHEEP Sunday, December 27 at 4:20 PM, $15 at the door Ambre McLean & Jill Zmud at The Gladstone Theatre, Ottawa Tuesday, December 29 at 7 PM, $10 The Split New Year's Eve Bash! Thursday, December 31 LIVE on Elgin Doors at 9pm | Showtime at 10:30pm $25 Advanced | $30 at the door Ticket includes a glass of sparkling wine at midnight! The Split are a Canadian neo-soul band formed by brothers Matthew and Curtis Chaffey. Original new old soul music influenced by soul rock and funk from the 60's and 70's. Deeply soulful, modern, and dance-able. New Year's Eve Bash with Wicked Grin at Irene's Pub The Branch Texas Grill in Kemptville Thursday 31 ~ Meredith Luce + Bruce Enloe and the Burning Sensations, 9 pm, $50*** (includes all you care to eat snacks and appetizers and champagne toast at midnight). Reserve ahead!!! The Blacksheep Inn HiLoTrons s/g DJ Zattar December 31 (Thursday) 8:30 pm - $20 limited advance "delivering high energetic non-stop performances to engage your mind and dance your ass off!" The Next Big Dance with Shirt Tearing Boys Saturday, January 2, 2016 at 9:30 PM Irene's Pub
At Least I'm Not a Musician
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain Canadian
Walter and Alice
Concession 23 - Walter and Alice Canadian New

Concession 23 is Jonathan Ferrabee (bass and vocals); Kevin Golka (mandolin and vocals); Sherry Philp (banjo and vocals): and Nick Strachan (guitar and vocals)
Whiskey Drunk
Whiskey Fields - s/t Canadian

Whiskey Fields with s/gs Ryan Tansely and James Siwanowicz (BLUEGRASS)
8 PM on Saturday Dec. 26th, Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St
Happy Birthday
Music Box - s/t Canadian

Recorded by Andrew Mozier, putting the music "box" on the head of his banjo for amplification
Andrea Ramolo - s/t Canadian New

Andrea, who lives in Toronto, is one half of Scarlett Jane, a project she shares with Cindy Doire.

In Andrea's words:
"This time of year is hard for many people. The days seem like they want to explode with mixed feelings of joy, regret, and memories of things lost or left behind. I'm lucky enough to have an incredible family and dear friends to share in my life's journey and walk with me through these times... but not everyone is as fortunate. This song is about loneliness and goes out to anyone who is feeling lost and on the peripheries this holiday season. Know that we all share in this feeling and that you really are not alone. Sending out love to you all, for the holidays and always."
Joy To The World
Pamela Cumming and students - . Canadian New

Pamela Cumming and her three students from Cornwall ON.
Ignite ft. JustJamaal ThePoet
Lora Bidner - s/t Canadian New

Lora Bidner,
Howard Kerbel, 2/18/2015
"At some point we all have a negative voice inside our head and with depression it becomes a little too loud!

"Ignite" is about listening to that little, much quieter voice that says,

"No, you are really good, you are beautiful, maybe you can do this."

The lyrics are amplifying the little voice telling you, "You can do this."

With the lyric "It will come to you in time," I am telling myself it will, though sometimes I have a really hard time trusting that.

You have to believe in your inner voice. No amount of advice can ever help you if you don't listen to yourself.

So, when you're in it, hang on, don't give up and do not trust everything you are telling yourself. We wrote "Ignite" as a message saying that the pain will pass and you can absolutely ignite your soul, no matter how bad it's gotten. I firmly believe that and I want to share that with every person going through depression or heartache.
Sling and the Stone
Daemon & Ayrdri - .s/t Canadian New

Daemon & Ayrdri is a new project by Marley Daemon and Jesse Thom. Often its pop-infused, with keyboard and tracks but in the studio with us today its all acoustic.

Both Marley and Jesse each have solo acoustic albums coming out early in the new year.
Shadow Friend
Daemon & Ayrdri - . Canadian New
Ayrdri - Snowdragons Canadian
Little Children
Daemon & Ayrdri - Snow Into Fire Canadian New
Wrecking Ball (Dirty Grace cover)
Daemon & Ayrdri - . Canadian New
Beauty In These Broken Bones
Red Moon Road - Sorrows and Glories Canadian New

released Sept 2015
The Start of Snowy Frost
Jaymarcs - s/t Canadian New

The Jaymarcs - Marc Charron and Jason Leen (bass)
Published 18 Dec 2015
Time Trades
Jeffrey Lewis - s/t
It's a Nice Thought
Gregory Pepper - s/t Canadian New (careful - keeps playing)

Dec. 16, 2015
Red Moon Road - Sorrows and Glories Canadian New
What Child is This?
Denis Turbide - s/t Canadian

Denis Turbide lives here in Ottawa.
Interactive CKCU
Professor Mike
Great show so far and Happy Holidays to you two

8:26 AM, December 21st, 2015
Trish Murray (host)
Thanks Mike! Happy Holidays to you!!

8:30 AM, December 21st, 2015
Lora Bidner
Thanks Trish for playing Ignite and sharing the story!!! Happy New Year!

5:12 PM, January 2nd, 2016