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Monday Special Blend
Monday August 10th, 2015 with Trish and Ka
Barnstorm! Barnstorm!

Barnstorm - the 16th annual!! Held in Finch Ontario in the most magical of barns - complete lights and sound. Fantastic show. Camping on site. Advance ticket price of $25 for the whole show until Aug 14th. Then it goes up to $30. $40 at the gate. Get your ticket now.
Denis Turbide - Denis Turbide Canadian
Strange Dreams
Lost Cousins - Not Now What We Were Canadian
Lost Cousins play the Blacksheep in Wakefield QC Aug. 14th with the Harea Band.
Table Set For Two
Captial Grass and the No Men - Hunkerdownlow Canadian (show note: in MT) Aug. 22nd in Finch ON, just east of Ottawa

Matt Gower - Banjo, vocals, acoustic guitar
Wayne Coulis - Electric Guitar
D'Arcy McGuire - Percussion, accordion vocals
Mike Short - Bass Guitar, vocals
All We Are
St. Stephens - All We Are Canadian
St. Stephens plays Barnstorm Aug. 22nd

All We Are was released April 2015. They started as The Flats and evolved into St. Stephens
Wait I'm Late
St. Stephens - All We Are Canadian
Brock Zeman - Pull Your Sword Out of the Devil's Back Canadian (snow note: in MT)

Brock Zeman plays Barnstorm Aug. 22nd
The Jimmy Tri-tone Band - Wanted Canadian!/home

Playing Barnstorm Aug. 22nd
Ray Harris & the BSOBs - Poorly Kept Secrets Canadian
Ray Harris & the BSOBs play Barnstorm Aug. 22nd
Never Happened at All
Ray Harris & the BSOBs - Poorly Kept Secrets Canadian
Invisible Line
Allison Brown - Stitches And Incisions Canadian New

New album, Stiches and Incisions, released Aug. 1st 2015

Allison Brown plays The Branch in Kemptville on Sat. Aug. 15th
Randy Shenanigans - Days of the Week Canadian

Randy Shenanigans plays Barnstorm Aug. 22nd
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