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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 29th, 2015 with Ka Charlton with Claude Munson
Hot Weather Jams

Denis Turbide - . Canadian
Tony Turner - . Canadian
Tony Turner - Harperman
Wet Denim - . Canadian
Wet Denim, Archery Guild, Pith and the Parenchymas, Cactus Flower
Thu, July 2, 8pm – 11pm
What's Wrong with You
Dany Laj - Telepathic Voices Canadian
Summer Nights
Average Times - Average Times Canadian
Dany Laj - What's Wrong With You
Friday July 4th, Irene's 9:30 pm, $10

Average Times - Summer Night's
The Dead Bees - LP 2 Canadian
The Blacksheep Inn
the Dead Bees
July 3 (Friday) 8:30 pm - $10 adv
Interview with Alex Fida of Angeline's Inn in Bloomfield, Ontario.
We All Need
Luke Nicholson - . Canadian
Saturday at the Blacksheep
Luke Nicholson and Graham Greer
Smoke Baby
Hawkesly Workman - Lover/Fighter Canadian
Friday July 10th, Bluesfest 8pm
Something in the Water
Pokey Lafarge - .
This Friday, Ritual Nightclub
Pokey Lafarge
Easy Oazy
Bramwell and the Leftovers - . Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Professor Mike
Great show

7:53 AM, June 29th, 2015