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Monday Special Blend
Monday April 20th, 2015 with Ka Charlton
Denis Turbine LIVE in the studio, plus Black Dogs, Jos Fortin, Geoffrey Smith, Matthew Oomen

Dennis Turbide LIVE in studio. Featuring tunes from upcoming artists in Ottawa this week: Black Dogs, Jos Fortin, Geoff Smith, Mathew Oomen.
Denis Turbide - . Canadian
So Far
Jos Fortin - Typewriter Canadian
Denis Turbide - . Canadian
Days Into This
Denis Turbide - . Canadian
Pressed Cafe
Bosveld // Jos Fortin // Matthew Oomen
Wednesday, April 8
Doors 8 pm / Music 8:30 pm
Come All You Women
Connie Kaldor - . Canadian
Dennis Turbide - . Canadian
A&W Song
Old Man Luedecke - . Canadian
Carry On
Baytown - Island Canadian
Open Door
Gunner and Smith - He Once Was a Good Man Canadian
The Traveler
Gunner and Smith - He Once Was a Good Man Canadian
Aim High
Black Dogs - Quarter Life Crisis Canadian
Pressed Cafe
Black Dogs // Geoff Smith // Sparrowshanks
Thu, April 23, 8pm – 11pm
Master's Row
Mathew Oomen - Where the Valley is Long Canadian
Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
Stars - . Canadian
Interactive CKCU