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Monday Special Blend
Saturday January 23rd, 2010 with Dean Verger

Machines and Gods
Kevin Cardamore - Steel Strings Canadian
Can't Stop Rockin'
Ronnie Hawkins - Lift Lock City Music Canadian
Raghu Lokanathan - Caledonia Canadian
Old Tin Cup / Peel the Onion
Eve Goldberg - a kinder season Canadian
Old Buffalo
Bill Bourne & Shannon Johnson - Edmonton Folk Music Festival compilation 1 Canadian
My First Bike
Doug Cox - Life is so peculiar - 4 Canadian
chipmunk strut (david simmonds)
john hanson - it's a sin to tell a lie Canadian
doggone lonely
Rose Cousins - miles to go Canadian
It looks like rain (jann Arden Richards, Richard Foster)
Missy Burgess - Lemon Pie Canadian
flipping pancakes (david simmonds)
Blue Rose - David Simmonds Greatest Hits! Canadian
the olympic song
stompin tom - a proud canadian Canadian
Green Rocky Road
Larkin Bryant Cohen - Lark in the twilight