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Monday Special Blend
Monday November 17th, 2014 with Trish and Ka
OREC President Dick Bakker and Dr. Andreas Wieg, Head of the German Office for Energy Cooperatives, join us in the Studio

Dick Bakker, president of OREC (Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop) and Dr. Andreas Wieg ,Head of the German Office for Energy Cooperatives, are coming into the studio for an interview just after 7:30 am. Join us and find out how 50% of all renewable energy is now owned by farmers, coops, individuals and small businesses and how this local ownership model is radically stimulating regional and rural economic development. Also, here in Ottawa, OREC is raising $3,000,000 to install 6 new solar projects around the city. Amelia Curran speaks with us about her CD release concert at St. Albans on Friday night and also her mental health awareness project, "You Are Not Alone". Autumn Hill call in for a quick chat about their show at Algonquin Commons Theatre Monday night.
I Am The Night
Amelia Curran - They Promised You Mercy Canadian New
Interview with Amelia Curran. (
She has a CD release party for They Promised You Mercy at St. Albans Church, Ottawa on Friday, Nov. 21st. Doors at 7:30 pm. Show at 8:30 pm. $20. Advance tickets through her website. (show note: MT)
Oct. 15, 2014 A mental health awareness video created by Amelia Curran and friends was published on YouTube.
"You are not alone" Directed by Roger Maunder. Listen. Be part of the conversation.
If She Wants This Town
Autumn Hill - Favourite Mistake Canadian New
Mike and Tareya of Autumn Hill join us by phone. They play at Algonquin Commons Theatre tonight, Monday, Nov.17, 2014, opening for Ottawa born Kira Isabella. They are a Juno nominated duo, Calgary’s Tareya Green and Toronto’s Mike Robins. Tickets are $18.50 to $25.
Feather Fur & Fin
Danny Michel - Feather Fur & Fin Canadian
Danny Michel and Jeremy Fisher (opening) are in concert at the Harold Shenkman Hall, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014
The Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative, OREC, and the German Embassy are bringing Dr. Andreas Wieg to Ottawa. He is a specialist in community owned energy generation from Ottawa.
He is speaking here at Carleton University, 4110 Human Computer Interaction Building, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.
At Avant Garde on Friday, Nov 21, 2014, Superserious, Adam Marshall, The Ecstatic, Electric Lizard - All four for only $5.
By My Side
Jon and Roy - By My Side Canadian New
Jon and Roy – Saturday, November 22 @ National Arts Centre, opening for Buck 65
Jon and Roy released their new album, By My Side, on May 27th. This is the fifth album from the Victoria-based folk-roots band.