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Monday Special Blend
Monday October 6th, 2014 with Trish, missing Ka
The Brew on CKCU: Justin Rutledge, The Dinner Belles, Andrew Smith, Dubioza Kolektive, The Glorious Sons

Denis Turbide - Denis Turbide Canadian
Denis Turbide - Denis Turbide Canadian
Justin Rutledge - Daredevil Canadian New
Justin was at The Branch in Kemptville last Thursday, touring with his latest album Daredevil.
He's playing at the Neat Cafe in Burnstown on Saturday, October 11th.
This is an unreleased track from the Daredevil album recording
Wandering Eye
Dinner Belles - The River and The Willow Canadian New
The Dinner Belles are a 7-piece folk/country collective. Yes, there is a banjo and a mando plus a keyboard, drum kit, electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, they jam and record in a barn.
The River and The Willow, their second album, is being released later this month. Playing mostly in southern Ontario., show note: in MT (starts at 00:30)
The River and The Willow
Dinner Belles - The River and The Willow Canadian New
Sweet Embrace
Andrea Smith - Sweet Embrace Canadian New
Andrea Smith, from Nanaimo BC. This album came into the station recently. Its a new release for Andrea. Strong album. Blues, jazz and some country! (show note: in MT)
No Escape (from Balkan)
Dubioza Kolektiv - Happy Machine
Dubioza kolektiv. From Bosnia and Herzegovina
Song “FREE.MP3 (Pirate Bay Song)” is dedicated to founders of website. Its questioning copyrights in digital age, privacy on internet and freedom of information.
The Glorius Sons - Union - 3m Canadian New
From Kingston, The Glorious Sons released their debut album, Union, in September. This is a followup to their EP, Shapeless Art. Their jam space is a mechanic shop. Rocking right out and tender ballads.
We speak with Brett while they are driving through Northern Ontario. Jay Emmons, Andrew Young, Adam Paquette, Chris Huot & Brett Emmons. They are at Mavericks on Saturday, Oct. 11th with Airbourne, from Australia, and One Bad Son.
Lover Under Fire
The Glorius Sons - Union - 4m Canadian New
The Glorius Sons - Union - 6:40m Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Mike Mercer
Hey Trish & Ka Down here in Seadrift this past weekend felt like fall but now it feels like summer once again!:)

7:29 AM, October 6th, 2014
Professor Mike
Good Morning from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

7:32 AM, October 6th, 2014
Trish Murray (host)
Love it! The two Mikes! Thanks for tuning in. Happy fall!

7:54 AM, October 6th, 2014
Tony Copple
I may have left a small memory stick in the studio yesterday. I think it has my name on it. If so, please would you put it in the 'Over my head" slot.

8:17 AM, October 6th, 2014
Trish Murray (host)
Sorry Tony, I'd already gone when your message came through. I didn't see it in the studio so hopefully someone already turned it in.

9:11 AM, October 6th, 2014
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