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Monday Special Blend
Monday June 16th, 2014 with Trish Murray with co-host Ka Charlton
Safer Roads Ottawa, Interview with Ash & Bloom, Interview with Eliza Gilkyson

Rob Wilkinson, Coordinator of Safer Roads Ottawa Program, will join us in the studio to talk about the holistic approach this program takes and how it helps strengthen our community. Ash & Bloom, a great duo out of Hamilton, are playing at 8 Locks Flat along the canal on June 21st at 2pm. Eliza Gilkyson returns to The Blacksheep Inn on June 19th with her brand new album, The Nocturne Diaries. JP Cormier plays Irene's Pub on Wed. June 18th, $20, then The Branch in Kemptville on the 19th, $25
Manna For the Soul
Ash & Bloom - Let The Storm Come Canadian New
Conversation in the studio with Rob Wilkinson, Coordinator of the Safer Roads Ottawa Program, Ottawa Public Works Department, Traffic Management and Operational Support Branch
Let The Storm Come
Ash & Bloom - Let The Storm Come Canadian New
Phone Interview with James Bloemendal of Hamilton's Ash & Bloom. James and duo partner Matt McKenna play 8 Locks Flat at 2pm on Sat. June 21
The Red Rose and The Thorn
Eliza Gilkyson - The Nocturne Diaries New
All Right Here
Eliza Gilkyson - The Nocturne Diaries New
Phone Interview with Eliza Gilkyson who plays The Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, QC on June 19th with songs from her recent album, The Nocturn Diaries.