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The nu Planet Rave Show
Sunday March 15th, 2015 with DJ KUBA MAYE

This Week On Episode 060 of The Nu Planet Rave Radio Show DJ KUBA MAYE will be flying SOLO bringing with him a arsenal of music that will be played and mixed at random, He wil have no clue what hes playing next , One thing that will remain forthe duration of the 5 hours is that the airwaves with be boppin and groovin at 128-130 BPM. enjoy
Part 1. Unknown

The Welderz Acid & Chord (Original Mix)
The Welderz Tragove (Original Mix)
Modular Phaze Anunaki (Feat Manuel Mucua)
Minor Dott The Quest (Original Mix)
Robin Hirte, Mike Vath Jump (Original Mix)
Vohkinne Creole Rhythm
ReAxis Coil
Anders Hellberg Souler (Original mix)
Noir, Symbol Glass (Reset Robot Remix)
Wirrwarr Heavy Floor (Original Mix)
Blood & Tears Cortison (Original Mix)
Xun Fraktur (Original Mix)
Steve Parker, Alex Bau Koshin (Original Mix)
Steve Parker, Alex Bau Kohorte (Original Mix)
Annie Hall Nihilist (Original Mix)
Black Asteroid feat. Cold Cave Black Moon (Original Mix)
YYYY Phonic (XHEI Remix)
Mattia Trani Over The Future (Ilario Alicante Remix)
KiNK Fantasia (Truncate Remix)
Heiko Laux There There (Fernweh _ ka167)
MUUI Silk Alexander Kowalski & Mario Berger Remix
Joyless Second Stain
Frankyeffe My Love (Original Mix)
Pappenheimer Rolling Stone (Original Mix)
Interactive CKCU
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SHOW...TONIGHT!! TUNED IN.......................

9:23 PM, March 14th, 2015
DJ Kuba Maye (host)
in da mixx, killing it now!!!!!

2:11 AM, March 15th, 2015
Naj. this mix.. 3 a row.. Just SICK! What a sick...sick...sick... MIX. Love it! Dark 'n' Hard! Slamming beats!!! Thanks Mr. Kuba Maye.

2:01 AM, March 18th, 2015
DJ Kuba Maye (host)
thank you naj, i really appreciate your kind words. wait till episode 61 i will do it all over again .. ;)

4:52 PM, March 18th, 2015
I can't believe how good this show is

3:47 PM, March 19th, 2015
DJ Kuba Maye (host)
kind words jumbo, thank you

5:48 PM, March 19th, 2015
Ritz on the cheeze
Really cool mix, Love this style, keep it up Kubamaye Your set is murder!!

10:36 AM, March 21st, 2015
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