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The nu Planet Rave Show
Sunday February 2nd, 2014 with DJ KUBA MAYE

This week on Episode 031 of The Nu Planet Rave Radio Show Dj Kuba May3 will be doing an Extended 5 hour non stop mix, This is have you ever done a 5 hour.. took alot of preparation but ill be banging out the night non stop make it hard and make it bangin'! Enjoy The night starts off hard and slamming beats for approx 2 hours then we fall into my tech trace like mix. you'll love it. Ill also play Systematic Session #237 (Mixed by Greg Gow)
This was the opening set
Complete adlib set mixed by DJ KUBA MAY3 live
Capernoited (Jewel Kid Rework) Enrico Sangiuliano
Capernoited (Original Mix) Enrico Sangiuliano
Light Hole (Minor Dott Stomped Mix) Juan Archila
Used (Andre Kronert Remix) Onno
The Time (Original Mix) Nikola Gala
Last Will Be The First (Original Mix) Alessio Lerma
Raw Visions (Original Mix) Exium
Unquestioned Answer (Matt Saderlan Remix) Francisco Branda
B1 (Original Mix) Abstract World
Fabryka (Mary Velo Remix) Advanced Human
Warfare (Rraph Remix) JC Laurent
Drumcode 01 A1 Adam Beyer
Tasty Bits A1 Adam Beyer
Nutcrusch B1 Adam Beyer
Drumcode 09 B1 Adam Beyer
Habstars (Oswld Remix) 04Lm
1992 (Original Mix) Alan Fitzpatrick
Sit Back Relax (Jon Gurd Remix) David Temessi
Drumcode 09 A2 Adam Beyer
About To Be Destroyed (Original Mix) Angy Kore
About To Be Destroyed (Maae Remix) Angy Kore
Skulls 2 (DUB) Len Faki, Markus Suckut
Dadtmat AnD
Xe (BS1 Remix) Fat And Ugly
Infernal Sunset (Julixo Edit) Obscure Live
2nd set preprogrammed mixed live, DJ KUBA MAY3
Landscape Gardeners Landscape Gardeners - Morpheme Original Mix
P.E.A.R.L. P.E.A.R.L. - Order Decay III
Pryda - Bergen (Original Mix)
Get Serious Get Serious - Mehringdamm
Markus Volker Markus Volker - Odyssey Original Mix
Ad Brown Ad Brown - Lemonade (Original Mix)
Chicago Loop Chicago Loop - 653-9x
Tom Hades Tom Hades - My People Original Mix
C-System C-System - Stabilizer Original Mix
Stanley Ross Stanley Ross - Airport Affairs Original Mix
Alex Nemec, Nik Feral Alex Nemec Nik Feral - Pegasus Original Mix
Alan Fitzpatrick Alan Fitzpatrick - The Tetra Original Mix
Advanced Human Advanced Human - Open Air Original Mix
Electric Rescue & Maxime Dangles Electric Rescue & Maxime Dangles - Conkaz Original Mix
Enrico Sangiuliano Enrico Sangiuliano - Old Spirals Original Mix
Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb - Caldera Original Mix
Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb - Dark Energy Original Mix
C-System C-System - Garuda Original Mix
Madben Madben - Your Little Voice Original Mix
Madben Madben - Your Little Voice Ian O Donovan Remix
Moll Moll - What I Feel Predrag Nincic Dub Remix
DVDSSN DVDSSN - Rainbow Original Mix
Till Kruger Till Kruger - Full Support
Marc Romboy
Systematic Session #237 (Mixed by Greg Gow)
1. Eduardo De La Calle - A2 - Non Series
2. Franco Cinelli - Let Me Tell You -
3. Dwayne Jensen - Monta Groove - Fathom Records
4. Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy - Freakin - Systematic
5. Unknown - Unknown - Mosiac
6. Gorge - Erotic Soul (Marc Romboy Remix) - Systematic
7. Greg Gow - Patch Bay - Unreleased
8. Dwayne Jensen - My People (Original Mix) - Third Ear
9. Dennis Ferrer - Transitions - D:visions
10. Terrance Parker, Reno Ka - Finally (Long Mix - Carl Craig Remix) - Planet E

11. Julien Jabre - War - Elias
12. Floorplan- Chord Principle - M-Plant
13. Greg Gow - Darkest Hour- Restructured
Interactive CKCU
Have a great 5 hour marathon set.. Peace Out from Montreal, CANADA T.

2:41 PM, February 1st, 2014
Looking forward.... Have fun in MTL - Teknobrat!

10:08 PM, February 1st, 2014
Professor Mike
Can't wait and will be listening all night.

12:41 AM, February 2nd, 2014
DJ Kuba Maye (host)

3:13 AM, February 2nd, 2014
Elorious Cain
Hard driving beats!

3:30 AM, February 2nd, 2014
DJ Kuba Maye (host)
great time in the studio!

4:12 AM, February 2nd, 2014
Wicked..Wicked Beats! Love the show.... ! Keep it up!

6:48 AM, February 2nd, 2014
Wow you actually aired the Systematic Session 237 mixed by Greg Gow for Marc Romboy's online radio show for his label Systematic Records from Germany... Greg has been getting enormous hype for this mix in the last week.... Another reason I rebooked him on February 28th 2014 at Mercury Lounge for the RESTRUCTURED RECORDS LABEL NIGHT !!!

12:41 AM, February 3rd, 2014
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