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The nu Planet Rave Show
Sunday February 17th, 2013 with DJ KUBA MAYE & TEKNOBRAT

The nu Planet Rave Show is Ottawa's only and newest after hours underground techno house DJ mix show. Hosts DJ KUBA MAYE & veteran underground techno house DJ-producer TEKNOBRAT team up to bring to the airwaves of CKCU FM a non stop 5 hour mix exploring the various styles of Underground techno & house. From minimal, deep, tech and acid house to tribal, hard groove, minimal, Detroit & Berlin style techno, our mission is to radiate the airwaves with those sounds from past, present & future in a non stop continuous DJ mix format. The Nu Planet Rave is Ottawa's Afterhours Techno House Frequency!!!
DJ Kuba May3 IGl00 Montreal Mix In 2 parts,
This Is a Slammin Set with lots of Intense Techno and dreamy atmospheric pads to cool down. PEOPLE THIS IS 2AM to 4:30 AM!! I am Techno ! AND You Should be TOo!!
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Popcorn (Jon Gurd Remix)
Nino Blink - Various Creeps Part - Creepy Finger
Icon Mute (Alex Under Remix)
Ronan Portela & Ariel Rodz - Mute Noise EP - Unique Community New
Kyle Geiger - Restore - Soma Records New
Restore (sundown Edit)
Kyle Geiger - Restore - Soma Records New
Upa Upa (Miguel Bastida Remix)
German Brigante - Upa Upa Ep - Trapez LTD New
Tease Me (Origianl Mix)
Remy Maurin, Pierre Delort - Year Five The Exclusive tracks 2/3 - Skryptom Records New
Klouser (Original Mix)
Claudio Colbert - Klouser - Insane District Records New
Septum (Original Mix)
Hristian Stojanowski - Flagon EP - Globox New
Mids Eye (Original Mix)
Harvey McKay - Shake - Cocoon Recordings New
Do real (Original Mix)
Thomas Schumacher - Do Real - Electric Ballroom New
Starscream (Original Mix)
Silvio Malia - Starscream - Plusquam Division New
Jadisse (Killian Bass Remix)
Bessiff - Jadisse - Geisha Record New
Colorado (Original Mix)
Jorge - Hampton EP - K9 Records New
Malindi (Danito & Agent! Remix)
Sidney Charles - The Quest - Kling Klong New
Wavewalker (Original Mix)
Eric Sneo - Wavewalker EP - Kombination Research New
Universe Dust
Doomwork - Universe Dust - 100% Pure New
Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix)
Max Cooper - Inflections EP - Traum
Tactolia (Original Mix)
Ipagan & Johan Smog - Tactolia - Darkside Black New
Faith (Original Mix)
Senores Funkees - Faith EP - Robotica Records New
Composition (Slang & Technodreamer Remix)
Satoshi Fumi - Composition EP - Spring Tube
Composition (Original Mix)
Satoshi Fumi - Composition EP - Spring Tube
Call To Arms
Gregor Thresher - System X EP - Drumcode
Relapse (Cosmin Trg Remix)
Cottam - Relapse Ep - Aus Music
Thera 1.0 (Newly Assembled by Heinko Laux)
Steve Rachmad - Secret Life of Machii - 100% Pure
Act Of Passion (Mr.Bizz remix)
Tom Hades - Act Of Passion EP - Respekt Recordings New
Auspicious Minds (Original Mix)
Reid & Wright & Reid & Wright - Auspicious Minds - Plusquam Division
Cyclone Baker (Original Mix)
Ferhat Albayrak - Stroker EP - Jeton Records
Cari Lekebusch - Swedish Silver Vol.II - Drumcode New
Never Really Left Home
Adam Bayer - Swedish Silver Vol.II - Drumcode New
Joel Mull - Swedish Silver Vol.II - Drumcode New
Different Directions
Manic Brothers - Swedish Silver Vol.II - Drumcode New
Out Of Line (Original Mix)
Filterheadz - Kinetic Energy EP - Respekt Recordings New
Push (Original Mix)
Marcel Dettman - Range EP - Ostgut Ton
Card Shark (Juan Sanchez Remix)
Reiloc - Card Shark - Octopus Records
Etrnity (Original Mix)
Umek & Uto Karem - Etrnity EP - Agile Recordings New
Synth Rain
Flug - Never Conforming EP - Octopus Records
Inside The Storm
Irregular Synth - Inside The Storm/Hearbreaker Ep - Alchemy
Set Time: Ottawa Time 4:30 AM E.S.T - 7:00 AM E.S.T Universal time 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM G.M.T
CoMa - Hoooooray EP - Kompakt New
Go On
E-dward! - My Way EP - Apparel Music New
Compuphonic Feat. Marques Toliver - Sunset (Remixes) EP - Get Physical Music New
Shade I Bring To You (Edit Murphy Remix)
Death On The Balcony - Colours & Shades EP - Smoke N Mirrors New
Low Jinks (Remain Remix)
Bohemian Groove - High Jinks EP - Throne of Blood New
Always In The Place
Volta Cab - Always In The Place EP - What's In The Box New
Henry L & Ingo Sanger - B.D.D.K. EP - Quintessentials New
Am.Light - Slow Nights EP - Dewtone Recordings New
Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Mix)
Medlar - WOLFEP016 (Detroit Swindle Mix) EP - Wolf Music Recordings New
The Game
Friend Within - The Game EP - dirtybird New
Momentary Lapse Of Bacon (Dub Version)
Anthony Middleton - Insomniac Nights EP - Get Physical Music New
Achterbahn D'Amour - Acid Test 06 EP - Acid Test New
Modern Time
Pablo Bolivar - Recall LP - Regular New
Alci - Early Beginnings Part 1 EP - Robsoul Recordings New
Ma Spaventi - The Jungle / Insanity EP - M>O>S New
Summer Drone Phase 1
wzrdryAV - Pacific Greyscale EP - Digitalis Recordings New
The Future
Sharam Jey & Night Talk - The Future EP - Suara New
The Carrier
Kruse & Nuernberg - The Carrier EP - audio tonic Records New
Do You Know (Soul Minority House Mix)
Jamie Anderson - Do You Know Remixes EP - Dessous Recordings New
5 Cities
Milton Jackson - Lessons Learned EP - Black Key Records New
Lowpazz - Good Old Days EP - Dark Energy Recordings New
Toby Tobias - Pathfinder EP - Delusions Of Grandeur New
Space Age Steppin
Ob Ignitt - Oh Jabba / Space Age EP - FXHE Records New
Hidden Race
Markus Homm - Snapshot EP - Highgrade Records New
For 12 Minutes She Danced With An Alien (2010 Re-Mix)
Gerd - For 12 Minutes She Danced With An Alien EP - Rejected New
Alan Backdrop - Excursion A EP - Motoguzzi Records New
alto seco (2nd Version)
Langenberg - # 11 EP - Two Birds New
Mind's Eye
Harvey McKay - Shake EP - Cocoon Recordings New
Crackboy - Crackwood EP - I'm A Cliche New
Y sus estatuas
Eiht - Warum EP - Divided New
German Brigante - Upa Upa EP - Trapez Ltd New
MaW is back (Davide Benedetti Argycted Reinterpretation Digital Bonus)
Cristian Viviano - Tusheando EP - Natural Rhythm Canadian New
Inspirado Por Usted (Guy J Remix)
BP - Inspirado Por Usted EP - Lost & Found New
Story I Told You At The Club
Dale T - Paradox EP - Monique Speciale New
Reeko - Passage#17 EP - Mental Disorder New
Difficult But Not Impossible (Nosak Remix)
tONKPROJECT - Difficult But Not Impossible EP - Behaviors New
The Children Of The Python (Johannes Heil's Tiger Python Remix)
Greencross - The Children Of The Python EP - Different Is Different Records New
Call To Arms
Gregor Tresher - System X EP - Drumcode New
Noon Shape
Bleak - Kern Exclusives EP - Deeply Rooted House New
Trance Me Up (Skudge Remix)
Achterbahn D'Amour - Acid Test 05 EP - Acid Test New
Bas Mooy - Dolls and Decadence EP - Planet Rhythm New
ROD - Buikgrep EP - Soma Records New
Restrictive Influence
Mattias Fridell - Imaginary Temporal Axis EP - Gynoid Audio New
Different Perception
Matt Minimal - Different Perception EP - Hi Tek Records New
Hidden Module
Advanced Human - Hidden Module EP - Affin New
Gingy - Dovercourt EP - 3024 New
Shine (Detroit Eastside Electro Teknobrat Remix)
Redbrat - The Bijlmermeer Sessions EP - Sounds Of Juan Canadian New
Silo (Kobosil Remix)
Barker & Baumecker - Remixes EP - Ostgut Ton New
Track A1
Unknown Artist - Limited 002 EP - Limited New
Pacou - Selections Volume One LP - Cache New
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
Thought that the show was amazing guys!

3:28 PM, February 17th, 2013
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