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The nu Planet Rave Show
Sunday January 20th, 2013 with DJ KUBA MAYE & TEKNOBRAT

The nu Planet Rave Show Is Ottawa's only and newest after hours underground techno house DJ mix show. Hosts DJ KUBA MAYE & veteran underground techno house DJ-producer TEKNOBRAT team up to bring to the airwaves of CKCU FM a non stop 5 hour mix exploring the various styles of Underground techno & house. From minimal, deep, tech and acid house to tribal, hard groove, minimal, Detroit & Berlin style techno, our mission is to radiate the airwaves with those sounds from past, present & future in a non stop continuous DJ mix format. The Nu Planet Rave is Ottawa's Afterhours Techno House Frequency!!!
PART 1 - I>J I<uba /\/\ay3 (2013 Stimulus mix)

From tribal tech house to tech to deep groove.
Miso (Original)
Mendo & Yvan Genkins - Sushi Time EP - Saved Records New
Body 2 Body (Original)
Mark Fanciulli - Cutoff - Leena Music New
Generate (Original)
DJ Boris - New Genaration EP - Sci+Tec Digital Audio New
This Is True House (Original)
David Amo,Julio Navas,Rober Gaez - This Is True House - Great Stuff Recordings New
Cosmic Girl (Original Club Mix)
Piatto, Luigi Rocca - Toolroom Knights Mix - Toolroom Records New
I Can See (Original Mix)
Danniel Selfmade,Charlie Demir & Ian Mathew - I Can See - Nervous Records New
FireStone (Original Mix)
Marco Bailey & Redhead - Beyond The Dust Path EP - MB Elektronics New
Goddbye Fly (Original Mix)
Joris Voorn - Dusty House/Room - Rejected
Not Me
Rene Schwedler, Fabio Fusco - Not Me - WAAP New
Get Down (Original Mix)
Futurisme - El Rey - XOOD records New
PART 1.5 DJ TEKNOBRAT'S (Teknobrat to the rescue last minute intervention transition mix) Deep House, Tech House, Acid House, Dub Techno, Electro, Techno
Maximiliano (6 July 1832 - 19 June 1867)
John Tejada - Maximiliano (6 July 1832 - 19 June 1867) / Venticinco EP - Historia y Violencia
With The (Exos + Ruxpin 2012 Re-Edit)
Exos ‎ - With The (Re-Edited) EP - Aux-Rec
What Is Music
Abe Duque - Rules For The Modern D.J. Part Three EP - Abe Duque Records
Traversable Wormhole - Traversable Wormhole Vol.9 EP - Traversable Wormhole
James Welsh - Air Valley EP - Losing Suki
Little Helper 36-1
Itamar Sagi - Little Helper 36 EP - Little Helper
Don't Party Too Much
Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti - Don't Party Too Much EP - Abstract Theory
Three & In
Dexter Kane - Future Retro EP - Lower East
&Me - Matters & Ashes EP - Saved Records
Fuckin Beat
T.Ruggieri - Crack In The Soul EP - Kina Music
Party Party
Oliver Klein & Kolombo - Sound Of Berlin 13: The Finest Club Sounds Selection Of House, Electro, Minimal & Techno Compilation LP - Embassy Of Music Holland
This One's For The Children
Jimmy Edgar - This One's For The Children EP - Hotflush Recordings
Business Or Pleasure
Eitan Reiter & A Balter - Chronic Girl EP - Enemy Records
No Changes (Sergio Fernandez remix)
Ante Perry - Chus Presents Selezione Naturale Volume 4 EP - Natura Viva
Darlyn Vlys - Breaking Bad EP - Mo's Ferry
O'Clock (Gerd's Deep mix)
Okain - O'Clock EP - Tsuba
M17 (Ambivalent Byways remix)
Joe Stawarz - M17 EP - Soma
Attic House (Snuff Crew remix)
Arttu - Soul Stream EP - 4 Lux Black
Blue Parrot
David Berrie - Blue Parrot EP - Monique Speciale
Leko (original mix)
Kink - Leko EP - Burek
Our Gigantic Mistake
John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Our Gigantic Mistake EP - Palette
Little Helpers 34
Nhow Nhow - Little Helpers 34 EP - Little Helpers
56th Floor (Acid Mix)
Electric Rescue & Maxime Dangles - Travelling EP - Skryptom Records
Up High (Vincenzo Remix)
Brothers 47 - Up High EP - La Tour
Into The Disco
Clio - Into The Disco EP - Saved
Fity Vegas
Oscar Barila & Maiki - Behind The Line EP - Plastic City
Leftover - Der Kirschbaum EP - Baum
Alli Borem - Once EP - Desolat
Rene Breitbarth - Summer Jams EP - Deep Data
All You Want (Hermanez remix)
Hector Couto - All You Want EP - Pura Music
Another Me
Credit 00 - The Living Room Life EP - Uncanny Valley
Patrice Scott - Orbital Bliss EP - Sistrum Recordings
Here & So Far
Ultrasone - Here & So Far EP - Supplement Facts
Soul Level 1
Livio & Roby - Soul Level EP - Mixx Records
Moving Rivers
Boo Williams - Moving Rivers EP - Rush Hour Recordings
PART 2 - DJ TEKNOBRAT's (Bunkerbliss Studio Mix) Deep House, Minimal Tech-House, Dub Techno & Minimal 4x4 techno.
Feeling Me
Acid Andee - Various Artists - Cafe Solaire (Vol. 20) LP Compilation - Soulstar New
Farfan Rijeka Night's Mix
Federico - Platypus EP - Sounds Of Juan New
What Do You See
Ed Lee & Natalia Data - What Do You See? EP - Sounds Of Juan New
Heal (A1 Bassline Remix)
Ed Congrave - Heal EP - Deep Shit New
La Maturita
Alessandro Izzo - Il Fragile EP - Mathematics New
Sensory Overload - The Weight of the Wisest EP - Deepindub New
Party People - L8m8 & Dirty Orkestra Remix
Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada - Party People EP - Sounds of Juan New
Liquid Chords
Dachshund - Jokari EP - Clapper New
Interplanetary (Funk D'Void Remix)
Child - Interplanetary EP - Outpost Recording New
Kazan (Exit Cube) 707 Mix
Motorcitysoul - Technique LP - Simple New
The Deepness (Main Mix)
Bukusoul - Various Artists - Cafe Solaire (Vol. 20) LP Compilation - Soulstar New
Tales From The Hood (Original Mix
De Sluwe Vos - Tales From The Hood EP - Assembly Records New
Living Apart Together (Ian O'Donnovan Remix)
Estroe - Living Apart Together (Remixes) EP - Proton Music New
Skirt - Bitten By The Black Dog EP - Horizontal Ground New
Mattias Fridell - Biotope EP - Audiolabor New
Deep Field
Sender Berlin - Deep Field Transmission EP - Snork Enterprises New
Diapo - Edom EP - Labrynth Recordings New
Growth Target
Myk Derill - JMW EP - Knotweed New
Trans Saturn Express
Teknobrat - We Are Teknobrats EP - Sounds Of Juan Canadian New
Teknobrat - We Are Teknobrats EP - Sounds Of Juan Canadian New
Urbano - Limited 001 EP - Limited New
They Ring For Madness
Developer - Conducciones EP - Modularz New
Acid Pattern
Phil Weeks - 909 Tools EP - Robsoul Recordings New
Computer Madness (Function Remix)
Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness Re:Vision EP - Thema New
Human Reason (Len Faki Remix)
Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick - Human Reason (Len Faki Remix) / Memesis EP - Drumcode New
The Land Of The Midnight Sun (Samuel L Session Remix)
Roberto - Chosen 1 EP - Affin New
Helter Skelter (Main Mix)
Sian & Ingo Boss & Mark Reeve - Helter Skelter EP - Octopus Records New
Spatial Dimension
Attemporal & Ness - Spatial Dimension EP - Synewave New
Marcel Dettmann - Linux / Ellipse EP - 50 Weapons New
Chris De Slurgh
Dario Zenker - Installment 4809N EP - Ilian Tape New
Drifted (Thomas Hessler Remix)
Delko - Modern EP - Propellant Music New
Advanced Human - Counter Pulse Series 6 EP - Gynoid Audio New
Indictment (Silent Servant Remix)
Israel Vines - Indictment EP - Cult Figures New
Collide (Jeroen Search Remix)
ad.lib & silvision - Chosen 2 EP - Affin New
Myk Derill - Two Weeks EP - RE(FORM) New
Vortex Two
Aubrey - Contact Funk 2012 EP - Lifeworld New
Session 3
Northern Structures - Live From Somewhere EP - Sonic Groove Records New
Grounded (Jerome Vice Dub)
Sin Sin - Grounded EP - Ground Factory Records New
Mick Finesse - The Disaster Began During A Systems Test EP - Perc Trax New
Intersection (Mark Broom Remix)
Rich Jones - Elegiac Crossroad EP - Driving Forces Recording New
L1 (Rod Remix)
Maan - NON004 EP - Non Series New
Ceased To Gasp
Ben Gibson - Quien Es? EP - Sect New
In & Out
D'Funk - Malaga Soul EP - Dosed New
The Vision (Jeroen Search's Random Visions Of A Thought remix)
Rebekah - The Vision EP - Coincidence New
Commerce Above All Else
Joe Cocherell - Commerce Above All Else EP - Frozen Border New
Truncate - Modify EP - Truncate New
Shock Wave
Mark Rogan - Mass Destruction EP - Labrynth Recordings New
Uplink! (John Selway Remix 2)
Shawn Rudiman - Uplink! EP - Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART) New
Pacou - Rare + Remastered LP - Tresor New
Chevel - Hearing EP - Non Series New
Interactive CKCU
I Luv this music & didn;t no about it!!! used to listen to u guys on saturday morning for any retro regea disco oldies and now this !!!! Let the dancing commence !! A+ Karen

2:36 AM, January 20th, 2013
Thanks for your sweet comment Karen A+ T.

3:23 AM, January 20th, 2013
Elorious Cain
Really smooth show tonight! I feel like I'm at a really sick afterhours disco.

3:31 AM, January 20th, 2013
A big thank to All who Tuned in to Episode 004 of The Nu Planet Rave Radio show. We will be back for Episode 005 on Sunday February 3rd from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM e.s.t on CKCU 93.1 FM or real audio stream at from 7:00 AM to Noon U.T.C Universal time. Peace out Teknobrat & Kuba Maye

2:25 PM, January 20th, 2013
Thanks Sophie :-) If you like those last two hours catch more of my mixes by searching Teknobrat on or visit Cheers T.

8:24 PM, January 26th, 2013
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