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Tuesday September 17th, 2013 with Rocky LaLune
Interview with Sun Stone Revolvers

That Shit Hurts
Wicked Witches - Everything Alright Forever Vol. 2 Canadian New
Sun Stone Revolvers - Spaceship X - Optical Sounds Canadian New
In Her Golden Room
Haunted Leather - Everything's Alright Forever Vol. 2 New
Scarlet O'Hara
Spectre - On the Telephone Canadian New
Cowboys in the Void
Quilt - Quilt
Young and Pretty
Prom - Spring Training Canadian New
Love Solo
Heaven for Real - Wanton Canadian
Sheepman - Pie 003 Canadian New
Monster Treasure - Babysitter/Monster Treasure Split New
Dead 2 Me
Babysitter - Babysitter/Monster Treasure Split Canadian New
Down on their Luck
Glorious Moonrockets - More Other Stuff Canadian
This Floor is Snakes
Hawkeyes - Poison will slow you down Canadian New