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Tuesday September 10th, 2013 with Rocky LaLune
Welcome back Rocky

Camanche (Link Wray)
Dead Ghosts - A Shitty Collection Canadian New
Pale Blue Light
Psyche Tongues - Okay // Pale Blue Light Canadian New
Walrus - Okay // Pale Blue Light Canadian New
Salt On a Slub
The Growlers - Hung At Heart
Indie Cindy
Pixies - EP New
Looks like rain but never came
Grime Kings - Grime Kings Canadian New
Honey Slide
Monomyth - Afterburners Vol. 3 Canadian
Organ Eyes - Poolside Sampler Canadian
Salt Water
Marble Lion - Clothing EP Canadian
Ceiling Sway
Special Costello - Stoner Nights Canadian New
Working Everyday
Mas Aya - Kairos Canadian New
Born of the Marriage of the Moon and the Crocodile
Doom Squad - Doom Squad EP Canadian
Ladies Night
HSY - HSY Canadian New