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Wednesday June 22nd, 2022 with Hans G. Ruprecht
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the MONTREAL REVIEW OF BOOKS: Editor Malcolm Fraser in conversation.

MONTREAL REVIEW OF BOOKS ‘The mRb is a nationally distributed journal of reviews, interviews, and essays on English-language books from Quebec.’ Credit Contact @MtlReviewofBks ♦️Malcolm Fraser is a writer, musician, and filmmaker based in Montreal. His book Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears was published by Invisible Publishing in 2013. He is currently Editor with Montreal Review of Books. He was a writer and editor with the alt-weekly Montreal Mirror and a founding editor of the website and monthly print publication Cult MTL. His other projects have included the music documentaries Gordon Thomas: Everything’s Coming My Way (2005, co-directed with Stacey DeWolfe) and Corpusse: Surrender to the Passion (2010), and the book Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears (Invisible Publishing, 2013), about the legendary but cursed Ottawa indie band. Credit
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