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Wednesday February 24th, 2021 with Hans G. Ruprecht & Friederike Knabe
BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2021 / international perspectives (Canada, UK., Germany, Africa, Columbia).

Senior CKCU | Literary News contributing correspondent Friederike KNABE in conversation about fictional and critical writings in Canada, Britain (UK.), Germany, Columbia, etc. dealing with Afro-descendent notions of identity and ‘black history’. Focussing on Achille MBEMBE, ‘Critique de la raison nègre’ (2013) / ‘Critique of Black Reason’ (Duke U Press, 2017). This includes (in the course of conversation) reference to the following authors and their works: Jael Richardson,  Gutter Child, 2021; Zalika Reid-Benta, Frying Plantain, 2019; Tiffany N.Florvil, Mobilizing Black Germany, 2020; Margaret Busby, New Daughters of Africa, 2019; Achille Mbembe, Critique de la raison nègre (2013) / Critique of Black Reason, 2017; Bernadine Evaristo, 'Bernardine Evaristo: the forgotten black British novels everyone should read' The Booker-winning novelist is relaunching a series of neglected novels by black British writers. She explains why they deserve a new readership Esi Edugyan, Ian Williams; Paula Marcela Moreno, El poder de lo invisible. Memorias de solidaridad, humanidad y rersistencia, 2014; Aurora Vergara Figueroa, Race, Gender, Class, And Land Properyy in Columbia 1851-2011; Mara Viveros, Les couleurs de la Masculinité. Expériences intersectionnelles et pratique de pouvoir en Amérique latine, 2018. Links: Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V. BHM in Germany Rethinking Black History Month in Germany | AAIHS LA ANTOLOGÍA DE MUJERES POETAS AFROCOLOMBIANAS EL CAMINO HACIA EL POSICIONAMIENTO DE LA MUJER AFRO EN COLOMBIA Por Yesenia Escobar AFRO FÉMINAS _____________ Before signing off, we bring you the fabulous YOU TUBE audio track of a slam poetry performance by Elizabeth ACEVEDO, who is the NYT bestselling author of two collections of poetry, including 'Clap When You Land' (Haper-Collins, 2020), and a novel called 'The Poet X' (2018). The slam poem you will be hearing, by courtesy of SlamFind TV, at the very end of the show is called "Afro Latina".
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Interactive CKCU
Hans G. Ruprecht (host)
Don't miss that one, which is our 2nd show on this year's BLACK HISTORY MONTH.

3:03 AM, February 24th, 2021