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CKCU Literary News
Wednesday June 24th, 2020 with Hans G. Ruprecht
World Music Day / La journée internationale de la musique 2020

June 21st is World Music Day and at CKCU-FM 93.1 we were of course celebrating as well with music lovers all over the world, in particular to honor professional and amateur musicians alike. On June 24th we were truly delighted showcasing at CKCU-Literary News an amateur group of musicians based in Paris, under the direction of Gilles HAYOUN: The Surmelin Orchestra (Institut Européen des Musiques Juives) Musicians Sarah MOSTREL (singer) , Daniel AUBERT (singer) and Gilles HAYOUN (guitar player) performed on the occasion of a delightful ‘Hausmusik’ kind of an event six beautiful pieces of music. Some of the ‘chansons’ have been composed for poems by Rutebeuf, Paul Verlaine and Louis Aragon. They were originally created by famous French composers, including Jean Ferrat, Léo Ferré, Hubert Giraud, and Michel Legrand. You will also hear a song in Hebrew by Naomi Shemer, interpreted by Sarah MOSTREL. She sings as well the famous "La Tendresse", written by Noēl Roux, musique by Hubert Giraud. The first strophe of this chanson is being sung by Gilles HAYOUN in Yiddish, which is known as 'Liebkeit', meaning 'tenderness'. So as if it were a tribute to the internationally acclaimed group of musicians called "Les Yeux Noirs", the performances of which celebrating a happy confluence of Romani rhythms, Klezmer music and of jazz manouch.
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