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Wednesday January 15th, 2020 with Hans G. Ruprecht
The literary oeuvre of Jorge ETCHEVERRY ARCAYA in historical perspective, as discussed by him with Gabrielle ETCHEVERRY.

Jorge ETCHEVERRY ARCAYA is a poet and writer of Chilean origin living in Ottawa (Canada). He has published numerous books of poems and fiction; he has also authored a substantial number of critical essays about literature. Jorge Etcheverry is a founding member the ‘Escuela de Santiago’ together with Naín Nomes, Erik Martínez, and Julio Piñones (Carlos Zarabia). To learn more about the ‘Santiago School’ of Chilean poetry in historical perspective, and its commitment during the ‘60s and early ‘70s of the 20st century to progressive socio-political causes go to> Soon after the 1973 coup d'état, which overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of President Salvador Allende, members of the ‘Santiago School’ immigrated to Canada, including Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya, who got settled in Ottawa. Given the outstanding quality of his literary oeuvre, that is still evolving, he is now being regarded as one of the highly esteemed Latin American writers living in Canada. Gabrielle ETCHEVERRY is a communications professional and manager of Digital Publishing and International Markets at Livres Canada Books. She holds a MA degree from York University and PhD from Carleton University. Her dissertation examines Latina/o Canadian literature and drama dealing with themes of exile, migration, acculturation, and hybrid cultural identities while also analyzing the national and transnational contexts in which these texts are produced.
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