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Wednesday January 24th, 2018 with Hans G. Ruprecht
Celebrating Heinrich Böll, Nobel Prize laureate for literature in 1972, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, december 21, 1917, Cologne (Germany). Including a tribute in German by Klemens Klemmer, writer and essayist.

”Writing - at least for me, Heinrich Böll said in his Nobel Prize acceptance address (1972) - is movement forward, the conquest of a body that I do not know at all, away from something to something that I do not yet know; I never know what will happen - and here 'happen' is not intended as plot resolution, in the sense of classical dramaturgy, but in the sense of a complicated and complex experiment that with given imaginary, spiritual, intellectual and sensual materials in interaction strives - on paper to boot! - towards incarnation. In this respect there can be no successful literature, nor would there be any successful music or painting, because no one can already have seen the object it is striving to become, and in this respect everything that is superficially called modern, but which is better named living art, is experiment and discovery - and transient, can be estimated and measured only in its historical relativity, and it appears to me irrelevant to speak of eternal values, or to seek them. How will we survive without this gap, this remainder, which can be called irony, be called poetry, be called God, fiction, or resistance?“
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