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Tuesday May 21st, 2013 with Hans G. Ruprecht
About the German Book Prize 2012

Senior Correspondent Friederike KNABE in conversation with Dorothee LOTTMANN-KAESELER about URSULA KRECHEL, and her award winning novel 'Landgericht' (German Book Prize 2012).
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Ruth Barnett, Speaker challenging prejudice and racism
I am Kornotzer's daughter, Selma in Ursula Krechel's book "Landgericht". It is a most interesting discussion with Dorothee Lorrmann-Kaeseler. Mising from the book is that my brother, Martin and Georg in the book, suffered from the same unwelcoming behaviour of post war Germans towards returning refugees. A;lso that Krechel depended on my own book "Person of No Nationality" for her chapter about Selma and Georg. But I very much appreciate that Krechel has given my father Literary Justice 40 years after his death.Ruth Barnett

1:27 PM, June 10th, 2013
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