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Cool Cuts
Thursday December 10th, 2015 with Chris Sharp
Bay Area Bands and Musicians

Tonight's show features bands and musicians that were based in the Bay Area in the 60's and 70's.
Show opens with some San Francisco bands representing the folk/country/jazz/rock mix developing in the 1963-73 era and exemplifying the "San Francisco Sound".
Number One
The Charlatans - The Amazing Charlatans(1996)
Laugh Laugh
The Beau Brummels - VA:The Heart And Soul of Rock 'n Roll(1982?)
13 Questions
Seatrain - Seatrain(1970)
You Should Have Seen Me Runnin'
New Riders of The Purple Sage - The Adventures of Panama Red(1973)
We cross the bay to Berkeley where the Fogerty brothers, Tom and John, owned the night club scene("The Golliwogs") in the mid 60's before starting up the astoundingly successful "C.C.R.".John went solo and it was later determined legally that it was o.k. to sound like himself-because that was of course who he was.
Brown Eyed Girl
The Golliwogs - The Golliwogs:Pre Credence(1975)
Credence Clearwater Revival - Credence Clearwater Revival(1968)
Born On The Bayou
Credence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country(1969)
Jambalaya(On The Bayou)
John Fogerty - Blue Ridge Rangers(1973)
Rockin' All Over The World
John Fogerty - John Fogerty(1975)
Big Train (From Memphis)
John Fogerty - Centerfield(1985)
Next: some East Bay r'n'b bands,with one exception..Cold Blood and Tower of Power are incredible horn based bands and the Pointer Sisters sang backup on almost everything out of the Bay Area in the early 70's before scoring a series of hits in the 70's and 80's.Notes from the Underground were a jzz/folk rock band led by jazz pianist Skip Rose.
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
Cold Blood - Cold Blood(1969)
Somebody's Watching You
Sly & The Family Stone - Stand!(1969)
Yes We Can Can
The Pointer Sisters - VA:Soul Hits Of The 70's(1991)
Follow Me Down
Notes From The Underground - Notes From The Underground(1968)
So Very Hard To Go
Tower Of Power - Tower Of Power(1973)
Cold Blood - Sisyphus
Next we have more San Francisco based bands and musicians.
Nichelodeon Music
The Family Tree - Miss Butters(1968)
You Know What I Mean
Lee Michaels - 5th(1971)
Fall On You
Moby Grape - Moby Grape(1967)
Blue Cheer - Blue Cheer(1969)
Kak - Kak-Ola(1968)
A Place In The Sun
Pablo Cruise - A Place In The Sun(1977)
Road House
The Flamin' Groovies - Flamingo(1970)
We finish off the show with some bands that rose out of the San Jose biker club scene in the South Bay.
Are You Gonna Be There(at the love-in)
Chocolate Watch Band - VA:Summer of Love Vol 2(1992)
Clear As The Driven Snow
The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me(1973)
Little Girl
Syndicate of Sound - VA:Rock 'n' Roll Sixties(1986)
Sweet Maxine
The Doobie Brothers - Stampede(1975)
Let's Talk About Girls
Chocolate Watch Band - Let's Talkl About Girls(1986)
Thank you for listening.Next show will be a "Christmas Eve Special" and broadcasts Dec. 24.
Interactive CKCU
did yu play a lot of credence because I remember some of these songs

7:28 PM, December 11th, 2015
as a kid-oh yeah

6:26 AM, December 12th, 2015