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Cool Cuts
Thursday June 25th, 2015 with Chris Sharp
4th Annual Canada Day Show

Cool Cuts 4th Annual Canada Day Blowout!
We open with musicians and bands based in Quebec(excepting the comedy track, Tommy Chong is from Edmonton)in the 60's and 70's.Winchester,an American draft dodger,eventually became a Canadian citizen.Mashmakan's Jerry Mercer went on to drum for April Wine,Moonquake backed up Pagliaro in the early 70's and Stone Circus was a group of Montreal natives that organized a band in New York(for 1 lp).
As The Years Go By
Mashmakan - VA:Made In Canada(1991) Canadian
Hey Little Lover
Mahogany Rush - World Anthem(1977) Canadian
Moonquake - Moonquake(1973) Canadian
People I Once knew
Stone Circus - Stone Circus(1969) Canadian
Rebuttal:Speaker Ashley Roachclip
Cheech and Chong - Big Bambu(1972) Canadian
Let The Rough Side Drag
Jesse Winchester - Let The Rough Side Drag(1976) Canadian
Next set:Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck is tonight's lone B.C. representative.Joni Mitchell spent much of her youth in Saskatchewan.Gregorash,Jacks,The Guess Who and Merryweather hailed from the province of Manitoba.
Someone Think
Mother Tucker`s Yellow Duck - Home Grown Stuff(1969) Canadian
Joni Mitchell - Hejira(1976) Canadian
Joey Gregorash - VA:Made In Canada(1991) Canadian
Concrete Sea
Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun(1974) Canadian
The Guess Who - The Best of The Guess Who Vol 2(1973) Canadian
High Altitude Hide `n`Seek
Neil Merryweather - Space Rangers(1974) Canadian
We now switch gears to the Eastern side of the nation.Stompin' Tom hailed from New Brunswick.Nova Scotia was(and still is) called home by Anne Murray,Minglewood and Pepper Tree(many musicians were part of this band through the early 70's including Matt Minglewood and Brian "Too Loud" Macleod).
Big Joe Mufferaw
Stompin`Tom Connors - Stompin`Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw(1970) Canadian
Rocket Fuel
Minglewood - Smokers(1981) Canadian
If You Won`t See Me
Anne Murray - Greatest Hits(1980) Canadian
I Could Not Control It
Pepper Tree - You`re My People(1971) Canadian
Next up:Musicians and bands that call the great province of Alberta home(except for Cheech Marin).Ruzicka was coined "The Singing Dentist",guitarist Dan Lowe led 49th Parallel,Painter and Hammersmith and The Stampeders had a long string of hits in the 70's.
God Almighty Mama
Bob Ruzicka - Soft Rocker(1973) Canadian
Citizen Freak
49th Parallel - The Best of 49th Parallel(1995) Canadian
Goin`Home(To Rock `n` Roll)
Painter - Painter(1973) Canadian
Hello,It`s For You
Hammersmith - It`s For You(1976) Canadian
Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course
Cheech and Chong - Los Cochinos(1973) Canadian
Playing In The Band
The Stampeders - Hit The Road(1976) Canadian
We finish the show with bands and musicians hailing from Ontario(American Segarini eventually became a Canadian citizen).
Born To Be Wild
Mars Bonfire - Mars Bonfire(1968) Canadian
Warpig - Warpig(1973) Canadian
Lighthouse - One Fine Morning(1971) Canadian
Cousin Mary
Fludd - Cock On!(1972) Canadian
Odd Couples
Bob Segarini - Goodbye L.A.(1979) Canadian
We`re All In This Together
Cat - Cat(1970) Canadian
Thank you for listening and enjoy Canada Day.Next show broadcasts July 9.
Interactive CKCU
Happy Canada day!!

2:35 AM, June 25th, 2015