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The Passionate Friar
Monday January 16th, 2012 with Phelonius Friar
Spotlight on Glaswegian band "bis"

I hope you got out your Secret Glaswegian Decoder Rings, because this week I did a spotlight on the uber pop band "bis" from Glasgow. It would have done you good to have listened because as you know, "telly is pants". My friend Zanne often sends me snippets of "Glaspeak" that her relatives from Glasgow post to their Facebook pages... it often takes days to decipher what they were attempting to communicate, often requiring intense surfing of the 'net to find the answers (she worked an overnight shift and often had the time to devote to such things waiting for calls). A truly awesome slang, especially since it's morphed through its contact with 'netspeak. Don't forget to check out "The Dollar Bin" Facebook page for links to the blogs for bis' Manda Rin as well as the infinitely awesome blog "My Complete Lack of Boundaries" by the infinitely awesome Ellen Reid (of Crash Test Dummies fame). Oh, and here's the URL for the awesome brand new video for James Struthers' "You, Me And Optimus Prime"! Also, email me if you want that CD for your own collection... it's being removed from my collection with extreme prejudice after this show (it's only the second dollar bin CD I've ever gotten rid of so I don't accidentally listen to it again); but as I said, one person's shiny coaster is another's gleaming beacon of music. :).
Quiet Life
Japan - Electricity: 18 Synth Pop Hits
Nine Hertz - Subsonic
Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly! Canadian
Moon At Noon
Leslie Spit TreeO - Don't Cry Too Hard Canadian
Gold & Silver
Crash Vegas - Stone Canadian
Forgot To Breathe
Llama Farmers - Dead Letter Chorus
Tell It To The Kids
bis - The New Transistor Heroes
Sweet Shop Avengers
bis - The New Transistor Heroes
Starbright Boy
bis - The New Transistor Heroes
Dinosaur Germs
bis - The New Transistor Heroes
Mr. Important
bis - The New Transistor Heroes
Deliver Me
Marika - Surrender Canadian
Prince Nez
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hot