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The Passionate Friar
Wednesday January 17th, 2018 with James Botte (aka Phelonius Friar)
Re-broadcast of interview with S.M. Carrière about creating characters or talking with/​about people that don't share your lived experiences (e.g. LGBTQA+ if you're not, women if you are a man or visa versa, etc.)

Born in 1983 in Quito, Ecuador, S.M. Carrière has lived in five countries around the world including Ecuador, Gabon and The Philippines. Her family moved to Australia from The Philippines shortly after the commencement of hostilities there in 1989. After graduating High School, she worked full time as an Office Junior at a law firm in Brisbane, Queensland before moving to Canada in 2001. In 2002 she began her academic career beginning in Criminology, but switching to Directed Interdisciplinary Studies (focusing on Prehistoric Anthropology and Archaeology) after her first year. She graduated with a B.A. Honours from Carleton University in 2007. It wasn't until well after graduation that writing found her. She hasn't looked back since. S.M. Carrière now resides in Canada with her two cats and a growing collection of books. It should be noted that her mention of shooting arrows from horseback is not hyperbole... Originally broadcast live on July 5, 2017, it was re-broadcast previously on July 26, 2017 with a number of audio issues improved. Rejected Princesses website: Ottawa Caring and Sharing Exchange:
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Hello Friar! Been super busy of late but I'm glad I could tune today, even if it's a re-broadcast - it's a great topic with a super interesting person. :) Hope you're doing well!

10:16 AM, January 17th, 2018
James Botte (aka. Phelonius Friar) (host)
So good to hear from you Laksmi! I am doing well, but there is more chaos in my life than I expected (but nobody, including myself, should be surprised, heh). I still am getting oot and aboot, so it's not the same level of wtf as when I was doing my undergraduate degrees :).

10:21 AM, January 17th, 2018
I am just popping in again...Nice interview.

10:27 AM, January 17th, 2018
James Botte (aka. Phelonius Friar) (host)
Hello farrell, thanks for tuning in (for however long)!

10:38 AM, January 17th, 2018
IT's expensive to listen...I have a limited amount of bandwidth....

10:44 AM, January 17th, 2018
James Botte (aka. Phelonius Friar) (host)
Eeeep! "Listen On Demand" is your friend! :)

10:45 AM, January 17th, 2018
Geez, your show is sooooo good and I love it so much! Of course, I'm a bit biased today what with all the CAN-CON talk, but still.... broadcast on my friend! You're a great interviewer and DJ!

10:57 AM, January 17th, 2018