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The Passionate Friar
Wednesday July 22nd, 2015 with Phelonius Friar
More "new to us" music from a Chicago "dollar bin" dive

Amazing Lithuanian (amateur? seriously?) composer of ambient/electronic/space music (thanks Red Sonya!): House of Targ concerts are belligerent and numerous (and cheap as cheap can be): Azort! What's not to love? Read Ellen Reid's blog, especially if you're a vegan, but it's worth it even if you're not: Barnstorm 16: (put on by CKCU's own über curmudgeon tic of Wednesday Morning Special Blend fame)... only $25 in advance for the whole shmozzle!
A Maze
Ume - Urgent Sea
Push Me Pull U
Ume - Urgent Sea
Triple Bass
Fugu - Fugu 1
Fugu - Fugu 1
Fugu - Fugu 1
Red Giant
Stellardrone - Light-Years
Everything Is Expensive (The Kids Are Not Alright)
Esthero - Everything Is Expensive Canadian
Episode 3: "Episode 42"
Jeff Green - Azort Starbolt: Space Android! Canadian
G'wan Wit Ya
Rude Boy - Ottawa Indie Vibe Canadian
House Of Haunting
Jaill - Traps
Feldspar Spurs
Tiny Hairs - Subtle Invisible Bodies
You're Going To Break The Chair, Tom Colley
Visa Noir - No Record
Interactive CKCU
Red Sonya
gud mernin!

10:01 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Good Morning everyone!

10:03 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Phelonius Friar (host)
Heh, RS beat me to it so I'll just say good morning :)

10:07 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Red Sonya
sound is awesome blaring in ma ear budz! :) Ume. Ume, Ume....

10:08 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Very Klaatu-esque Musically. I didn't listen well enough to the lyrics to say.

10:18 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Morning all! Loved the sound of "Ume" and looking forward to the rest of the show.

10:20 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Red Sonya
That really was relaxing, maybe too relaxing to study while listening, but great back ground for reading and unwinding before bed maybe :)

10:27 AM, July 22nd, 2015
Red Sonya
G'wan Wit Ya! Fun show!

10:49 AM, July 22nd, 2015
You should also mention that the House of Targ also has Pinball machines, and if you go early to the concerts, you can play pinball until the bands start up!

10:54 AM, July 22nd, 2015

10:57 AM, July 22nd, 2015
This sounds very Rush influenced!

10:59 AM, July 22nd, 2015