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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday March 7th, 2010 with Neil Bakshi
Music for a spring-like day

Indian jazz guitarist Amancio D'Silva profile
Amancio D'Silva - Intergration
Amancio D'Silva - Intergration
Part 1 to 16
Cosmic Eye - Dream Sequence
A Street in Bombay
Amancio D'Silva - Konkan Dance
Dance music tracks by Africans and others influenced by African music - see if you can tell which ones are which
Oromo Dub
Tommy T - The Prester John Sessions - Giant Step
African Talk
Disco Killah - internet single
Amadou & Mariam - Dimanche à Bamako
One for Senegal
The Pleb - Nickodemus & Mariano present Turntables on the Hudson 10 Year Anniversary
Afrika Man
Kokolo - Afrika Man / Diesler RMX 7
Revolutionary Dreams
Zeb - Sampler
Watch We (Soul Jazz Orch. Remix)
Horace Andy and Ashley Beedle - Inspiration Information 2
Nickodemus - Sun People
Rhythm Roots All Stars - s.t.
DJ MAX and Gabb - Globe
Going Back to Madan. Africa
Hot Couture - online mashup
Mafikzolo - Album Two
La pegajosa
Boogaloo - El Vacile De La Champeta Criolla: A New African Music from Colombia
Despelu Queen
Kussima - El Vacile De La Champeta Criolla: A New African Music from Colombia
Of Life
Dakunt - Candongueiros Express
Dis Sound
Overproof Sound System - Jump Up
Part of a continuing series on music blogs worth a visit, A listen to the music found on: Awesome Tapes from Africa
Gwupiti Na Azu
Teddy Obinna - Uwa Wu Paw-Paw
Iftin - s.t.
Les Messagers du Mali - s.t.
Les Messagers du Mali - s.t.