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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday September 11th, 2011 with Neil Bakshi

Davka - Davka Live
IC 2118
John Zorn - Nova Express
Where Deserts Meet
Zahir Hussain - Music of the Deserts
TuNeYarDs - KCRW Live
Ode to Supa Dupa Mom
QPSM Unit - Seriousness of Matter
Field Recording
Postal Workers Cancelling Stamps (field recording) - Worlds of music: an introduction to the music of the world's peoples
Soap Kills - Lost
Elsa 7lat
Shift Z - s.t.
Elskat El Naim
ShiftZ - s.t.
Zeid and the Wings - s.t.
General Suleman
Zeid and the Wings - s.t.
Simla Rocks Theme
Fentones - Simla Rocks
Aimless Lady
Hipnotic Eye - Simla Rocks
Sinister Purpose
Dinosaurs - Simla Rocks
Proper Spares
Genuine Parts - Simla Rocks
Judge a Book
Velvette Foff - Simla Rocks
Eddie Sigabo - SDE 02
Saman Me
Yamoah's Band - unknown