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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday September 18th, 2016 with Neil Bakshi
Lots of new music from around the world this week, and a listen to some classical or folkloric pieces from Burma, Vietnam, and, The Philippines.

A listen to new music from everywhere - mostly dance and electronic to start..
Susso - Keira - Soundway New
The Light
A Tribe Called Red featuring Lido Pimienta - We Are the Halluci Nation - Arts and Craft Canadian New
A.M.P. (All my People)
M.I.A. - AIM New
Xe Mana Bella
Boddhi Satva featuring DJ Satelite & Fredy Massamba - single - Offerings New
Sgubhu 6
Forgotten Souls - Gqom Oh! The Sounds Durban - Gqom Oh! New
The Very Best - Sweka EP - Moshi Moshi
Mala featuring Colectivo Palenke - Mirrors - Brownswood New
The Story Of Forest
Masayoshi Fujita - Stories - flau
A Granular Buzuk
Jerusalem In My Heart - If He Dies, If If If If If If - Constellation Canadian
The Lost Drum
Mikael Seifu - The Lost Drum
Mechanical Turk (Courtesy of Karpov Not Kasparov)
Mehmet Asian - Mechanical Turk EP - Huntleys & Palmers
Na Ku Penda
Lenna Bahule - Nômade - Loop Discos New
Xinguila (feat. Throes + the Shine)
Daniel Haaksman - African Fabric - Man New
Outropical (Version B)
Rolovo - Peru Boom (Bass, Bleeps and Bumps from Peru's Electronic Underground) - Tiger
Can't Tan Yah
Capleton ‎ - 12" - Fireball
La Condition Masculine
Francis Bebey ‎ - La Condition Masculine - Ozileka ‎
Hamidou (feat. Boogat)
King Abid - 12" Canadian New
Äphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume 2
Lungu Lungu
E.L. - 12"
Mad Dumbia
Los Guyabera Sucia - Cumbia Libertad - Hawaii Bonsaï
A set of music from South East Asia, starting with traditional music from Cambodia.
Preh Kon Euypok ("A Father's Honor")
Soun San - Khmer Rouge Survivors - They Will Kill You If You Cry - Glitterbeat New
Khaek Mon
Unknown - Mahori Music of Cambodia - Sayonara
Sein Che Yaung (Diamond of Radiant Color)
U Ba Than - Basic Method in Music Volume One
Ritual Music Big Orchestra - Dai Nhac
Dai nhac orchestra - Music of Vietnam - Folkways
Bamboo Zither
Kalinga - Music From The Mountain Provinces - Numero Canadian New
New compilations featuring Bitori, Pat Thomas, and, urgent jumping.
Bitori - Legend Of Funaná (The Forbidden Music of The Cape Verde Islands) - Analog Africa New
Bitori Nha Bibinha
Bitori - Legend Of Funaná (The Forbidden Music of The Cape Verde Islands) - Analog Africa New
Broadway Dance Band - Go Modern
Pat Thomas - Coming Home - Strut New
Hafusa Abasi & Slim Ali and the Kikulacho Yahoos Band
Sina Raha - Urgent Jumping!: East African Musiki Wa Dansi Classics - Sterns New
Shabaka and the Ancestors - Wisdom of Elders New
Interactive CKCU