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This Island Earth
Sunday July 10th, 2016 with DJ DesTrois
Tony Daye would be proud? or maybe Tony Allen....

looks like we are going to spend quite a bit of time primarily in West Africa to start out, but with intentions towards some Middle-Eastern, Caribbean, Greek and Turkish sounds as well. Hell even a few Europeans and North Americans too... you'll have to keep it locked to find out... however almost 2 hours in now and time has flown away....
One Destination
African Head Charge - In Pursuit Of Shashamane Land - On U Sound (1993)
Ofo The Black Company - V/A Nigeria Rock Special - Soundway
Oya Ka Jojo
Les Volcans de la Capital - African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin & Togo 70s - Analog Africa
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - The Vodoun Effect Funk & Sato from Benin's Obscure Labels (1972 - 1975) - Analog Africa
Bi Loko
Muyei Power - Sierra Leone in 1970s USA - Soundway
Thou Shalt Not Cry
Witch (Zambia) - Lukombo Vibes (1976) - Now Again
Black Voices
Tony Allen - Black Voices (1999) - Kindred Spirits
Ndi Uka White
Show Promoter & His Group Led By Nelson Ejinduaka - Ndi Uka White - CY Records (1988)
Ogba Aghara
Cultural Minister Perricomo Okoye & His Traditional Dance Group of Aro-Ndizuogu - Ogba Aghara 1990 - A.C.O. Records
Djougal Mangho
Alkibar Gignor (Mali) - La Paix - Sahel Sounds, Mississippi/Change Records (2012)
Yei Baa Gbe Wo
Hedzoleh (Ghana) - S/T (1973) - Soundway
Bukom Mashie
Oscar Sulley & His Uhuru Dance Band - Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk & Fusion in 70's Ghana - Soundway
Na Six Feet
Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family - Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef - Daptone
Overtake Don Overtake Overtake
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & Egypt '80 - O.D.O.O. (Overtake Don Overtake Overtake) - Kalakuta (1989)
Colomach - S/T (1974) - EMI
More Love Reggae
Lord Rhaburn - Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up - Numero Group
Meydan Sizindir
Selda - S/T - Finders Keepers
Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart - S/T - Secretly Canadian
We're In Yr Corner
Cornershop - When I Was Born For The 7th Time - Wiiija
Nitin Sawhney - V/A - The Rebirth Of Cool Six - Fourth & Broadway
Working Nights
The Camberwell Now - The Ghost Trade - Ink (1986)
Le brouillard
Brigitte Fontaine, Areski avec Art Ensemble of Chicago - Comme a la radio (1969) - Superior Viaduct
Prince Namor
Isotope 217 - The Unstable Molecule (1997) - Thrill Jockey
Interactive CKCU
Dave Aardvark (host)

2:11 PM, July 10th, 2016
David Dalle (host)
Loving this Oscar Sulley! Gonna steal it for my show :)

2:33 PM, July 10th, 2016
Colin Henein
Dave, FYI a website changeover may occur this afternoon. Can you make sure you save frequently after any changes to your playlist in case of any weirdness? And could you advise the host of Swing is in the Air when they come in? Thanks!

2:36 PM, July 10th, 2016
Colin Henein
The timing is partially dependent on our web hosting service.

2:37 PM, July 10th, 2016
Dave Aardvark (host)

2:43 PM, July 10th, 2016
Dave Aardvark (host)
that's kinda exciting!!

2:44 PM, July 10th, 2016
Yeah, fingers crossed! Also, enjoying the tracks you're spinning this aft.

2:45 PM, July 10th, 2016
Dave Aardvark (host)
Thanks Dave Dalle, and yes do it!!

2:45 PM, July 10th, 2016
Dave Aardvark (host)
Thanks Colin! ...and fingers mos def crossed

2:45 PM, July 10th, 2016
Dave Faught

3:18 PM, July 10th, 2016
Dave Aardvark (host)
thanks Dav!!

3:27 PM, July 10th, 2016
David Dalle (host)
Actually listening to this again, I realize it was the Pax Nicholas piece I really loved. Oscar Sulley was good too though.

11:11 AM, July 11th, 2016