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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday April 27th, 2014 with Manmohan Panesar
New releases, Paco de Lucia, and Jazz

Welcome to THIS ISLAND EARTH, CKCU's weekly Sunday afternoon dedicated to music from around the world. This afternoon will feature a wide number of new releases, a tribute to the late great Paco de Lucia and some older jazzy releases towards the end of the 3 hour program. Stay tuned and enjoy. Please drop me a line as listener feedback is always welcome.
New releases from Scotland, Italy, Palestine, Zanzibar and Poland in this first set.
Descarga Gaélica
Salsa Celtica - The Tall Islands - Discos Leon New
Lampascioni e cianfrusaglie
Le tre sorelle - Le tre sorelle - La Paranza del Geco New
Dhakartu Siqilliyat
Milagro Acustico - Sicilia Araba - Cultural Bridge New
Signs of Madness (feat. Jorge Pardo)
Adnan Joubran - Borders Behind World - World Village New
Kipenzi Changu Cha Moyo
Rajab Suleiman & Kithara - Zanzibar 8: Chungu - Buda Musique New
Our Lady of Gidle (O Matko Boska Gidelska)
Jarek Adamow - Fall in Mountains - Folken Music New
Staying with new releases but now moving to continental Africa with some sounds from Congo/France, Malawi, Angola, Mali, and South Africa/Brazil.
Papá Noel & Viviane A - Color - Buda Musique New
Malawi Mouse Boys - Dirt is Good - [R] New
Adjusitima Ndolame Ukonde
Alimba Okimbo - Huambo Música Sessions - PangeiArt New
Mamani Keita
Mamani Keita - Kanou - World Village New
La renaissance africaine
Gilberto Gil & Vusi Mahlasela - The South African Meeting at Viramundo - Dreampixies New
And now to some more upbeat sounds with a number of more new releases...featuring some fusionistas from Brruseels and San Diego, then a great release from Haiti. From there we visit Nigeria, the Comoros Island and then some crazy rap music from Macedonia!
Para Arriba
La Chiva Gantiva - Vivo - Crammed Discs New
Dale La Pinata
Faba Loba - Senegalesa - Art Hurts New
Ti Lu Lu Pe
Scorpio Universel - Haiti Direct: Big Band, Mini Jazz, & Twoubadou Sounds 1960-1978 - Strut New
Prodigal Son (Ayen Ake Feheke)
Ibibio Sound Machine - Ibibio Sound Machine - Soundway New
Guiri Hiri (feat. Maalesh)
Ahamada Smis - Origines - Colombe New
Me sijum Undergound
Shutka Roma Rap - Me sijum undergound (I am undergound) - Fono New
More new releases from Iran/India, Balouchistan, Brazil and Argentina. Coming up is a hommage to the late great Paco de Lucia who passed away on February 25th.
Katayoun Goudarzi & Shujaat Husain Khan - Spring - Independent New
Man Chu Capouta
Padik - Music from Balouchistan - Etnisk Muikkclubb New
Galopeador Contra el Viento - Proa - Wonderwheel New
Orquestra Imperial
Cair na Folia - Fazendo as Pazes Com o Swing (Making Peace with the Swing) - Mais Um Discos New
Machito & his Salsa Big Band - Machito & his Salsa Big Band - Timeless
A hommage to the late great Spanish flamenco innovator and guitarist Paco de Lucia who passed away on February 25th at the age of 66. He leaves behind an enormous legacy. We'll hear two cuts from very different records - the first being his experimental side and the second his traditional one. Enjoy.
Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho
Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin & Paco DeLucia - Friday Night in San Francisco - CBS
La Canada
Paco de Lucia - Siroco - PolyGram
Mi Nino Curro
Paco de Lucia - Siroco - PolyGram
Interactive CKCU
Mick Panesar (host)
Welcome to TIE. Please feel free to add your voice - any questions, comments, requests???

1:11 PM, April 27th, 2014
Great stuff today! Thanks Manmohan.

1:26 PM, April 27th, 2014
Mick Panesar (host)
Thanks brother! You should be outside enjoying the sunshine! :-)

1:33 PM, April 27th, 2014
Thanks from me also. Using the groves to ease the pain of some household chores dreck...

2:21 PM, April 27th, 2014
Note to Neil, in case watching along. That Gypsy Rhumba stuff on SoulJazz was fantastic last week! THANKS. Looks really interesting package, with lotsa notes and stuff. Ordered it. Checking the mailbox about every ten minutes.... q;^)

2:24 PM, April 27th, 2014
David Dalle
Love the Paco de Lucia, this one is classic.

3:45 PM, April 27th, 2014
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