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Music From The Glen
Sunday June 16th, 2024 with Colin Henein
Father's Day and remembering Pippa Hall

Come me little son
Ewan McColl / Peggy Seeger - New Briton Gazette
Daddy Fox
Young Tradition - Young Tradition
The father's song
Dick Gaughan - A different kind of love song
Dance to your daddy
James Fagan / Nancy Kerr - Between the dark and light
Ho Rò Mo Nighean Donn
Charlie Grey / Joseph Peach - A Breaking Sky New
Jamie Dickson - Withershins New
The Hag
Landless - Lúireach New
Segment in honour of Pippa Hall, former co-host of Music from the Glen and a leader of the traditional folk community in Ottawa, amongst her other endeavours.
Pip & John - Then... 'til now Canadian
Ten Thousand Charms
Ottawa Shape Note Chorus - Carsonby 2001 Canadian
Down in the River to Pray
Pip & John - Then... 'til now Canadian
A Place in the Choir
Pip & John - Then... 'til now Canadian
Christian's Farewell (347)
Ottawa Shape Note Chorus - Carsonby 2001 Canadian
Our Town
Pip & John - Then... 'til now Canadian
Elly's / Îles de la Madeleine
Pine Tree Flyers - Pine Tree Flyers Canadian New
The Old Inn
Malin Lewis - Halocline New
Jerry's Waltz
Laura Risk / Nicholas Williams / Rachel Aucoin - Traverse Canadian
Sounds of Earth
Jim Moray - Beflean Canadian
Ninety nine and ninety
Jack Rutter - This is Something Constant
From the Ground - From the Ground New
Interactive CKCU
Neil and his Dancing Labrador
Thank you for the tribute to Pippa Hall, Colin. I was deeply moved last week with Gord's tribute. II did not know Pippa but I have been a supporter of a number of palli8ative care teams over the years. I did so for Pippa's memorial. Thank you to both you and Gord !All my best

1:02 PM, June 16th, 2024
Thanks Neil for those comments.

2:38 PM, June 16th, 2024