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Music From The Glen
Sunday June 9th, 2024 with Gord Peeling

The Fisherman's Wife
Landless - Luireach - Glitterbeat '24 New
The Dalesman's Litany
Johnny Campbell - From Hull and Halifax and Hell.... - 2030901 Records '20
The Canny Band - the Canny Band - self '22
When a Man's In Love
Cotillion - Revenge of the Swile - self '19 Canadian
The Galway Shawl
Daoiri Farrell - A Lifetime of Happiness - self '19
Ye Lovers All
Nuala Kennedy - Shorelines - Under the Arch Records '23
A remembrance of Pippa Hall, a wonderful musician, dance caller, dancer, shape note singer, and all round contributor to building the local musical community.
Fall Down as Rain
Lost For Words - Live at Bolingbroke Small Halls Festival Canadian
Pippa's Song
Liz Carroll & John Henderson - single Canadian
Let Us Sing
Ottawa Shape Note Chorus - February 6, 2000 Canadian
Nightingale/Jug of Punch/Turnpike
Shindigo - Shindigo (demo) Canadian
Ottawa Shape Note Chorus - February 6, 2000 Canadian
The Righteous Few - Fiddler's Flush Canadian
Geronimo's Cadillac
Pip & John - Then .....'til Now Canadian
Roseville Fair
Lost For Words - Lost For Words Canadian
Thousands or More
Paddy Tutty - In the Greenwood - Prairie Druid'98 Canadian
Scotland has lost one of its finest singers with the death of Rod Paterson. He was considered the best interpreter of the songs of Robbie Burns but he was also a fine songwriter and performer with many seminal Scottish Bands like Jock Tamson's Bairns, the Easy Club and Ceolbeg amongst others.
The Auld Toon Shuffle
The Easy Club - The Easy Club - Greentrax '01
Clarke Saunders
Jock Tamson's Bairns - Jock Tamson's Bairns - Greentrax '98
The Easy Club Reel
The Easy Club - The Easy Club - Greentrax '01
Auld Land Syne
Rod Paterson - Sings Burns - Greentrax '96
Interactive CKCU
Neil and his Dancing Labrador
Lovely show, as always, Gord. Thank you for sharing the life of Pippa Hall. I am deeply moved by her life and I am glad you chose "Fall Down as Rain" to celebrate her life. She most certainly sits by God's side in peace. An amazing individual to balance 2 special callings in life with such grace!

12:17 PM, June 9th, 2024
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks for your kind comments Neil

12:33 PM, June 9th, 2024
Ed & Hannah
Such a lovely tribute to Pippa’s life and her energy in bringing so much joy to Ottawa and the folk scene, we feel very blessed to have spent a little time with her and I’m sure her legacy will live on for many years to come.

12:39 PM, June 9th, 2024
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks Ed and Hannah, indeed her contributions will live on!

12:49 PM, June 9th, 2024
Mary Gick
Chris and I enjoyed your lovely tribute to Pippa Gord.

1:05 PM, June 9th, 2024
Thanks Mary

4:36 PM, June 9th, 2024